Monday, April 8, 2013

Confession Time On Mia's Monday Madness...

I suffer from Verbomania!

If you would prefer, you can call me...
  • a wordy wench
  • wordalicious
  • a wordsmith-in-training
  • a word buff
  • a logophile
No matter what you call me, it's all the same. I, Mia Ashlinn, am obsessed with words. (gasps) Okay, so this isn't a shock to most of you. I don't exactly hide my love for words well. Seriously, if you've read my books, you know how bad I am with my wordy ways.

And did I mention that two of my favorite books are dictionaries and thesauruses? Why, yes, they are. And yes, I'm that annoying person who searches for cool words. They can be long or short, good or bad, clean or dirty. I don't particularly care. A nifty word is a nifty word, and I will use it happily.

I'm often teased that I should have become an etymologist or linguist rather than a writer. No, I am not going to dignify that with a comment. Although, I will admit that my writing gig goes hand-in-hand with both of those occupations. Thankfully.

Since we are discussing my verbosity, I figured we would discuss some of my favorite words, I am going to be a good little girl and list my favorite words:
  • facetious
  • frigid
  • arctic
  • scorching
  • loquacious (Hmm...wonder why I love this one?)
  • petulant
  • juicy
  • luscious
Hmm...that is only a few. But I am ready to get on to the good stuff. Or the not-so-good stuff, depending on who you ask. Personally, I find the next list of words to be deliciously naughty with a side of wicked. Just the way I like it.

  • cunt
  • fuck
  • fuck a duck
  • motherfucker
  • shit
  • damn it
  • hellacious
I am feeling a bit ornery so I think I will add an insult list. Now, I rarely use any of these. (innocent look) But still, they crack me up.

  • cocksucker
  • bad ass motherfucker
  • bastard
  • donkey
  • thundercunt
  • coochie queen
  • douchebag
  • skank hoe
  • bitchzilla
  • douchenozzle
  • cockasaurus
Okay, I have revealed my favorite words. How about you? Do you have any words that tickle you? Or do you have one that makes you cringe? I would love to hear them so please leave me a comment with the word (or words) that evoke a positive or negative reaction from you.

Hope you have a wonderful week. XOXOXO!

Love and cherries,


  1. I love the word Fantabulous it is a shortened was to say fantastic and fabulous. I must say that I love your love of words and I would love you to write a little companion book of your one liners. Have a great Monday.

    1. Cherie, 'fantabulous' is awesome. I love it. :)

      p.s. Maybe one of these days I will just write a companion book with one-liners.

  2. You forgot Twatwaffle.... And snugglelfuck.. I looove your words :D

    1. I love your words too, Chris. 'Snufflefuck' is rocking. I didn't think of that one. But when I saw your response, I did a palm to head smack. LOL.

  3. PIC love Thundercock, Thundercunt, and Fidiot! I love your list, too!

    1. Fidiot? I haven't heard that one before Tracey. But I adore it. And thundercunt, ah thundercunt. It is one of my all time favorites. :)

  4. I have a word that makes us giggle at work ....when you get a bunch of ladies together and sitting around the meeting table and your boss starts talking about penetrating (our sales and leads) it just sounds I know its silly but a bunch of woman with dirty minds penetration is a word to start the giggleing

    1. That isn't silly, Lisa. I would probably be rolling on the floor if I were there with you! :)

  5. I hate the word "pop" in relation to penises. Popping out of jeans, mouths, cunts. I also hate the word "slurp" in any context except Slurpee.