Sunday, July 13, 2014

Sunday's Sexy Six...

Last night, Bellethe hellcat that she washad sharpened her claws and unleashed them on Ash and Kegan, scratching them both where it hurt, after they’d called a halt to the fun. She’d been pissed at them for stopping, more pissed than he’d ever seen her, pissed enough to read them the riot act. Then she’d been pissed enough to strip naked, give them the finger, and crawl into bed. And still, that hadn’t been enough. She’d yelled, “Get your asses naked and into my bed or you can show yourselves out and not come back until you actually want to get laid.” 
What man could resist that? 

Hope y'all have a Super Sexy Sunday!

Love and kisses,

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Getting Down and Dirty on Teasetastic Tuesday!

 Ash had never known Kegan to be speechless, especially when it came to a woman. His friend was no Casanova. He didn’t care about his love life or lack thereof. He didn’t get attached because he ate, slept, and breathed his job at the FBI. It was his life, his wife, and his babyall rolled into one. That was why they shared women. Kegan could get laid when he needed to let off some steam, and Ash got to have a short-lived, uncomplicated, no-strings-attached relationship. 

But no more. That was all in the past. This woman, whoever she was, had changed everything for Ash. He wanted complicated. And he wanted so many strings that he could tie her up with them…and never let her loose again. 

“Who is that?” Ash finally asked once he recovered enough to regain his power of speech.

"Annabelle Kennington-Preston.”

At Kendall’s no nonsense reply, Ash’s stomach bottomed out. That was Annabelle? The FBI wanted him to get close to her? Had they lost their fucking minds? What about their fucking eyes? Did they not see what she looked like? Shit, a man only had so much willpower. And when it came to the magnificent creature only feet away from him, Ash would have none. He knew it as surely and confidently as he knew the tip of his dick was already seeping cum for her.

If Ash actually followed orderswhich he rarely didand got “close” to Annabelle, it would only be to take her, to possess and own her, not to investigate or interrogate her. The entire FBI could suck his motherfucking cock. And if he touched her, that simple sheath dress she wore would be off her in a flash, the lace ripped to shreds, lying in a hunter green puddle at his feet. 

No warning and no questions asked, Ash would back Annabelle up against the wall in the hall behind her. He wouldn’t waste the time to take off his black jacket, crisp white dress shirt, or tuxedo pants before he had her short, shapely legs hugging his waist, her heels digging into his back, scouring holes into his skin. He’d hold her tight while he worked his weeping cock into her warm, wet, sinfully snug pussy—with the whole world there to watch and witness them. 

As tiny as Annabelle was in stature, she’d weigh no more than a feather in his arms, and her pussy was sure to be a tight fit. The satiny walls would have to stretch and strain to accommodate him. But he would make sure she accepted him—all of him, every, single, goddamn inch of him. He wouldn’t be gentle about it, either. No, not the first time. His animal instincts were too alive, too fresh, too raw for slow, sweet, and smooth. He couldn’t do tender or tame. He needed her too badly. He craved her too desperately, yearned for her too deeply.

Oh yeah, Ash was fucked.

Breathing hot and heavy, Ash stepped forward, knowing he had to have her—this very minute. Married or not, guilty or not, she was his, and she always would be. 

Friday, July 4, 2014

Back Where I Come From...

A good Fourth of July means...

Hamburgers and hotdogs on a grill.

Deviled eggs covering a serving tray.

Mashed potato salad stuffed into a too small casserole dish.

And of course, a sleepless night because...

Everyone and their brother stays up to shoot fireworks, hoping that the police won't come a' callin'.

So, I hope your day is filled with hamburgers, hot dogs, deviled eggs, mashed tater salad, and a night with as little sleep as possible. :)



Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Teasetastic Tuesday is Getting Kinky!

Luc kept a distrustful eye on Logan as he walked away, whistling. His gaze didn’t waver until Logan was out of sight. Then with one troublemaker down, he turned his attention to the other. “Paige, I don’t know what you’re up to, but I’m not in the mood for it.”
Paige patted Luc’s shoulder. “You’re not a very trusting man, Mr. Lockhart.” Smirking, she slipped past him. “And I don’t get that. It’s not like you’re the man we drugged, kidnapped, and shackled in pink cuffs or anything.” 
“Drugged?” Luc echoed, completely lost by the turn of events. "Kidnapped?" Then the two worst words a Dom could hear in regards to himself hit Luc like a sledgehammer to the skull, and he boomed, "Pink cuffs?"
Paige nodded. "Bubblegum pink," she specified, sounding positively gleeful, while a smile as maniacal as Hannibal Lecter himself split her face in two. "And they're suuuuper furry."
Fuck. That was all Luc could think. Fuck.
Striding away, Paige had a distinct bounce in her step. “Have fun with your toy, Luc. He’s waitingnot so patientlyfor you in the dining room.”
Luc's brain finally caught up with what the hell was going on, and a violent expletive erupted from his lips then, "You didn't."
Paige refused to respond.
"Please tell me you didn't, Paige"
Her continued silence was damning.
"He'll kill you." 
Her back to him, Paige shrugged. "I'm his sister. He'll get over it. He loves me, you know."
Like that would matter once Declan got out of those furry pink cuffs. 
"Blood may be thick, Paige, but it isn't thick enough to save your ass. Not this time." 
Paige simply disregarded him, waving over her shoulder. “Don’t forget to lock up, Luc. D has the keys in his coat.”