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Monday, September 24, 2012

Mia's Monday Madness...Sharing The Love

Hi all! It's Monday. And what does Monday mean to you and me? It means that today's blog is all about Mia's Monday Madness. Woohoo!

Now as you guys probably know, MMM is all about the sharing. See, even the acronym fits in with sharing and menages. And today, I'm feeling extra generous about sharing the love. So guess what, I'm going to give you a glimpse into Three Rings and a Rose. I hope you all enjoy!

When Ella had agreed to play Truth or Dare with her three closest girlfriends, she hadn’t signed up for this. She hadn’t expected for them to deliver their dare immediately nor had she expected for it to be easy. It was almost too easy.
“You want me to go in Pretty Petals and retrieve a flower pot for Penelope? That is my dare?” Ella inquired, completely shocked by the recent turn of events. She eyeballed the brightly lit storefront of the flower shop the Portman sisters—Penelope and Piper—owned. “Don’t you think that is a little too…simple? We’re supposed to be playing a life-altering game. I was expecting something more…I don’t know, crazy, challenging, kooky, or something.”
Beside her, Shannon shook her head. “Nope. We decided to go easy on you.
Ella snorted. “I don’t like easy. I like everything like fucking—hard and fast. Besides, I think you’re full of shit. You three would never go easy on me. You’re up to something.”
Shannon gasped dramatically then threw her head back. Touching her chest, she feigned far too-transparent indignation. “How could you accuse me of something like that? I’m a good girl.”
“Yeah right, and I own a toy store filled with G-rated movies, educational books about playing, malleable mini-bats, childproof outlet plugs, and blowable bubbles.” She rolled her eyes. “Who needs porn, sex manuals, dildos, butt plugs, or lube in Serenity?”
Sticking her tongue out, Shannon otherwise ignored her acerbic response. “Just remember that all you have to do is get the purple ceramic pot with the white Forget-me-not flower hand-painted on it and bring it to me. But you have to find it and hand it directly to me. If you walk out that door without it, you lose.”
“I know. I know. I know,” Ella groused. “You’ve told me at least ten times. I think I have it.”
Shannon grinned. “Fine then, go on in. Nothing in the store will bite you.”
“That’s not what I’m afraid of,” Ella muttered under her breath. She really wasn’t worried about that. But something didn’t feel right about this situation. On one hand, Ella figured they had stashed something or someone inside the store, yet that couldn’t be it. She could see inside the store, and it was empty. However, she didn’t trust the girls when it came to this game and matchmaking.
Shannon opened the door for her and then shoved her inside. “I’ll wait out here,” she announced through the glass. “You take your time and find what you…need.
Ella frowned. She didn’t like the way that Shannon had said “need.” The drawn-out pronunciation made her squirm, and she wanted to curse. Either she was being silly and suspicious or she was right on target. But she didn’t know. And there was only one way she could find out.

Love and cherries,

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Chatting at Coffee Time Romance TODAY!

In addition to my big news about The Sweetest Dish, I have another announcement. I will be uniting with the other 69 Shades of Smut authors for a chat at Coffee Time Romance TODAY. We will be smuttifying the world from 2 pm ET until midnight. Yes, that is ten hours of naughtiness. If you have time, swing by and join in the wicked fun. I would love to see you all there.


The Sweetest Dish...Coming November 2012!

So thrilled to announce that my fifth book is being release in November by Siren Publishing! Woohoo! The details are sketchy right now since I only got the acceptance a few minutes ago. LOL. But I just couldn't wait to share the news. Does anyone have a megaphone handy?


Shew, I'm glad that I got that out of my system. Now back to the calm, normal Mia. *snorts* Yeah right. 

Hope everyone is having a wicked Hump Day! I know I am. XOXOXO!

Love and cherries,

Monday, September 17, 2012

Mia's Monday Madness...My Favorite Place

Welcome to my Monday Madness. Today, I'm going to take you guys on a quick trip to my favorite place in the entire world - Cade's Cove. Or as I affectionately call it, The Cove. You might wonder what The Cove has to do with my madness. Well honestly, it doesn't really have anything to do with my sanity...or lack thereof. I just wanted to share something that I consider a part of me, an integral part. 

The Cove is my haven. It's my home away from home. Not to sound cheesy (even thought I totally do), The Cove is in my heart and soul. I connect to this breathtaking land. The 6,800 acre valley is the place that I go to be inspired. It's the place I go to celebrate or relax, to play or to just be at one with the world. 

Before you ask, yes, I am one of those people who loves the simplest things in life. For me, there are very few things more pleasurable than sitting in this field, near this tree, and just existing.

(Please note: This was taken on the release day for Destined To Be Three. Just FYI.)

There are so many reasons that I adore this perfect place. And honestly, I could go on for hours about the beautiful splendor of The Cove and the magnificent wildlife. Or I could babble incessantly about the rich history. But let's face it, I'd probably sound like a bad commercial. So instead, I thought I would post some pictures from my weekend trip. That way you can see what I'm talking about. 

Please bear in mind that these were taken by me...on my cell phone. I'm hardly Ansel Adams, and my iPhone is no Leica. :)


 Here are just a few pretty trees. If you haven't noticed, I have a deep love for trees. Seriously, I talked to them when I was a kid. Whoa. Maybe, this place does have a connection to my madness after all.

Look at that sky. Such a lovely blue color. This is a slightly gratuitous shot, but I love to take pictures from below the sunroof! It's such fun.

More trees.'s a creek. I love to sit in places like this one and listen to the water.

  Yep, here are even more trees.

And a few more trees for good measure...Do we see a pattern here?

I hope you enjoyed seeing a place that I hold so dear to my heart. Maybe one day you'll get the chance to come and see The Cove in person. It's a place you're not likely to forget.

Have a great start to your week! XOXOXO!

Love and cherries,

p.s. Here's a little more cheesy gratuitousness...

"That's where I come from. I'm an East Tennessean, and I'm proud as anyone that's where I come from." -Kenny Chesney, Back Where I Come From

Monday, September 10, 2012

Mia's Monday Madness...Ten Months On Rewind!

Today's Monday Madness is about living in the writing Twilight Zone for the past ten months. Since the day I found out that Siren was going to publish my first book, I have:

1. Guest chatted with a righteous group of perverts...twice. And I came out on top, baby.
2. Made my own personal menage share with two hundred of my closest friends. Hey, I'm a giver.
3. Bought condoms and lube in bulk.
4. Devised and written a recipe for hot menage sex with a magical twist.
5. Bought a handcuff necklace and bracelet to public. Gasps!
6. Spent many magical moments watching porn...for the sake of my craft. Wink, wink.
7. Been encouraged to vacate a sex toy shop. In my defense, all I wanted to do was interview the submissive woman there! Sheesh. No stalking. I swear.
8. Flown to Dallas...just to spend the weekend with a group of perverts. Did I mention it was dubbed, Figfest? 
9. Perverted Skittles with some wicked friends while in Dallas for Figfest.


10. Met and slept with my first Canadian friend...get your mind out of the gutters. We only slept!
11. Slept with two perverts. Now, see. There you go again. It was totally innocent! We merely shared a bed.
12. Accosted Anne Rice in the hallway of a hotel with a group of very mischievous friends. No, we didn't hurt her. But we did get pictures. 
13. Met my publisher for the first time. I totally adored her!
14. Felt like an author for the first time. Being in a room filled with authors who write for the same publisher will do that to you. Seriously, I've only been reading these people for years.
15. Joined an exclusive group of authors that I respect immensely.
16. Had a fan girl moment when I attended TRC 2012. Okay, I had like sixty-nine fan girl moments...Hello? My favorite authors were there!
17. Learned that three is a magical number - published three books, created three series, signed autographs in three cities. Let me tell you, those three things are un-freaking-believable. Can someone pinch my bottom? Just in case I'm still asleep...that's the reason. Yep, that's my story, and I'm sticking to it.

Hmm...wonder what's up for the next ten months? If they're anything like these, I might need bail money! XOXOXO!

Love and cherries,

p.s. When I lovingly refer to pervs, I mean the ones who make up a book club that I am a devoted member of. Long live the Righteous Perverts! :)

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Play Time...

Hi everyone! I just wanted to drop a little note here to let you know that I'm spending some quality time at 69 Shades of Smut where I'm playing my notorious game, You Might Be a Pervert If.... As many of you know, it's one of my favorite things to play, and I love for people to join in the wicked fun. So head over there now! Don't make me get that whip out...I have one, and I know how to use it! XOXOXO!

Love and cherries,

p.s. Here's a present for stopping by...

Friday, September 7, 2012

Here's Your Tease...

Here's everyone's unedited tease of The Sweetest Dish...Enjoy!

Relaxing on the floor in Shannon’s makeshift baby room with Madison between her legs and Mason on the play mat next to her, Jaycee made baby faces across the room at Kane. Katie-Anne’s three month-old smiled and gurgled at her silly antics, bringing a goofy grin to her face and prompting an embarrassing rush of babbling from her mouth. Jaycee’s twins didn’t seem the least bit interested in what she was doing. Madison was too busy admiring the big wooden block in her hand, and Mason seemed absorbed in his battle against the toy hanging above his head.
“Must you do that?” Katie-Anne asked in a teasing tone from where she sat holding Kane. “You’re going to scare the kids.”
Jaycee paused in the middle of her jibber-jabbering and smarted off, “Ha, you’re so full of shit, Katie-Anne. I’ve heard your babbling. It’s far worse than mine.”
Katie-Anne rolled her pretty turquoise eyes. “Well, sorry,” she drawled as she lifted Kane up and gently turned him toward her. Before speaking again, she planted a handful of baby kisses all over his adorable face. “You don’t mind, do you, little man?”
Predictably, the mama’s boy responded enthusiastically to Katie-Anne, pumping his legs and waving his arms as he laughed. Watching her best friend, Jaycee’s smile grew. Despite the shitty morning she’d suffered through, Kane and her own precious babies were perking her up. Of course, that didn’t come as a shock. They always did. That’s one of the reasons she and Katie-Anne had decided to stay at Shannon’s after Sarah, Ella, and Brooklyn had departed. They’d both needed baby-time with all three kids—desperately.
Sighing happily, Jaycee patted Mason’s cute, round baby belly. “Do you think we’ll ever see Aunt Shannon again?” she asked him.
Katie-Anne snorted. “Not hardly,” she answered as she returned Kane to her lap. “That girl is in for one hell of a ride. Did you see your brother’s? Shit, I was scared for her.”
Without glancing away from the face that never failed to remind her of Gray, Jaycee blew Mason a kiss. She smiled down at her oldest child, reveling in the knowledge that this little miracle was created with one of her soul mates. The twins had to be Gray’s biological children. Not that any of them gave a crap whose sperm cells mingled with her eggs. Cade would have plenty of chances. And if he didn’t, the three of them didn’t care. They were all parents to the twins and, hopefully in the future, they would be parents to several more. If she had it her way, they’d have a whole houseful of little Gray’s and Cade’s. She’d gotten her mini-me. That was enough. Just ask my husbands.
Biting back a horse laugh at her thoughts, Jaycee redirected her attention to her daughter. She smoothed her hand over Madison’s whisper-soft, blonde hair and said, “I wasn’t scared for her. My brothers are pussy whipped. They just don’t know it yet.”
“Oh yeah, that’s what it is,” Katie-Anne replied sarcastically, flinging a small stuffed animal at Jaycee’s head. By some miracle, the monkey zoomed past her, just as she looked up and leaned to the side. “Why don’t you enlighten them of their pussy-whipped ways? While you’re at it, why don’t you tell my brother and Cade the same thing? Fuck that, get all the married men in town and have an ‘Our Wives Whipped Our Asses Into Shape Before She Castrated Us For A Life-like Dildo Then Murdered Us’ convention. Then we’ll see who gets whipped.”
“You’re the only one who would see the end of a whip,” a sultry voice said from the doorway. “My husbands know better.”

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Would You Like A Tease?

Of course you would! Everyone loves a little tease once in a while...especially us naughty ladies and gents. Well, I must say this is not a Channing Tatum-esque tease. Damn it. But it is a bit of juicy news about my work in progress.

Let me back up for a second, I probably should explain something before I dig in to the meat of this blog. Oh, that sounds so bad. I love it. 

Some of you have been asking about the book that I'm working on. Well, I've been rather mum on the fifth installment in Sweet Serenity (which has been insanely difficult). However, I have a method to my madness. Go figure. 

I've kept this book top-secret because it is a...shall we say, special holiday project. Sounds confusing and intriguing all at once, huh? Well, you'll need to read on for a little tease of what to expect in the tentatively titled, The Sweetest Dish.

The Sweetest Dish is a Thanksgiving story set in Serenity, Kansas that will celebrate couples of the past. Of course, there will be a lot more to it than just that. But those secrets will have to remain under my hat for just a little bit longer. However, I will share three teases today. I do so love that number.

Number 1: Serenity's Thanksgiving extends 69 miles to the residents of Kinky, Kansas and Luscious, Kansas. Yes, that means there will be all sorts of new and returning characters from all three towns.

Number 2: A bitchy woman will be getting served her "just desserts."

Number 3: Several of my favorite ladies will be reminded what truly is the sweetest dish in life.

Since I'm teasing, I think I'll share an unedited snippet from The Sweetest Dish. This particular book is seen through various viewpoints. So I will let you all pick whose perspective the snippet comes from - Jaycee, Shannon, Katie-Anne, Ella, or Sarah. Leave a comment below with who you would like to hear from. Whichever lady gets the most votes will have a starring role tomorrow on this blog. 

Have a great day! XOXOXO!

Love and cherries,

Monday, September 3, 2012

Mia's Monday Madness...

It's Mia's Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World

Hi all! Happy Labor Day! I hope everyone out there is having a ball on their day off. Okay, I don't mean it that way. I know where your mind the gutter with mine. Although, I must say that having a ball is always a delightful way to spend the day. So if you're getting lucky, more power to you.

Now me? What am I doing? Well, I'm working. Dreadfully boring, huh? Not really. I love writing know what. Hmm, dare I say it on my blog? Of course, I would! 

I love to write about love. I bet you thought I was going to say something a little more risqué. Like I don't know...the "F" word. 

(gasps) I would never say fuck. Nope, I'm a good girl who would never, ever curse. Hell, I don't even know what a curse word is. Yep, I couldn't say that with a straight face.

Oh crap. Where was I going with this blog? I got sidetracked. (thinking) Ah yes! I was going to explain Mia's Monday Madness. 
Picture it—last week, sometime. I'm not sure which day. Sorry. My days tend to blend together. LOL. Anyway, that's beside the point. At some point in the past seven days, I was chatting on the phone with a dear friend of mine, Tina. We were swapping embarrassing stories. If you want to get technical, I was talking, and she was listening. Knowing her, she was taking notes. But that's not important...

While I was in the middle of telling one of my more...shall we say, horrifyingly embarrassing high school stories...Tina made a comment about how I should tell people some of these stories. At first, I was like, "NO! They'll think I'm a complete dork!" But after a little thought and a lot of chatting, I realized it might be fun to share—for me and for my friends. Goodness knows, the people I write about love to share.

Oopsie...lost my train of thought again. Sharing leads my mind into the gutter I just got it out of. Damn it. 

Anyway, I do consider all of you friends. You're people that I am blessed to get to share things with. You're people that I enjoy talking to and laughing with. Most importantly, you're people that I want to get to know better, and I hope you feel the same way about me. 

In order to do that, I'm going to start sharing things with you—all sorts of things. Each week, I'm going to post a fact, a confession, or something similar about myself. Keep in mind, it'll probably be something completely and totally random because that's the way I roll. It is my greatest hope that you will feel comfortable enough to eventually share things with me in the comments. If not, maybe you'll enjoy some of my madness!

To start off Mia's Monday Madness, I'm going to to go back to where it all began. That means...dum da dum...I'm going to tell you one of the more embarrassing moments of my life.

This one time in high school...Crap, wrong phrase. That's supposed to be band camp. 

Hmm...more stories are going to come from that phrase. But not today's. 

During my teen years, I had lots of crushes. Okay, that's an understatement. Whoa! Before you get the wrong idea, I wasn't the girl who got banged more than the snooze button on Monday morning. (Thanks Google for that quote!) I was the innocent one. And boy, am I serious about that. But that's another story altogether.

At one point, I had this massive crush on a guy who was a high school God. He was the epitome of bad boy. Did I mention he looked like he could have been twenty-one! So I'm totally crushing on Lucian (*note: Mr. Bad-Boy-Turned-High-School-God's name has been changed to protect his identity—and mine). 

Of course, I was a girlie-girl at the time. I loved to dress up in short skirts, form-fitting shirts, and fashionable shoes that I could barely walk in. On that particular day, I was dressed-to-impress Lucian. See, I sauntered by him every morning in the hallway so I had to look good.

Well, it was a dreary day. I remember how it was dark outside, and the ground was still wet from the overnight rain. That should have been a clue to be careful when I walked. But eh, I didn't think about that at the time. All I was worried about was strutting past Lucian. Now what could go wrong with this scenario? 

I, Mia Ashlinn, lost my balance and skidded across the slick floor, landing in a heap of half-covered body parts at Lucian's feet. Yep, that was the perfect way to impress him, especially flashing my beautiful, bright thong! I thought I might die. However, I stood up regally and then walked off with my head held high. (snorts) In my dreams, maybe. In reality, I scrambled to my feet and skittered away, pulling at my clothes and praying that my flaming cheeks would quit burning. Sheesh, I had to look like a hideous tomato. 

Needless to say, I avoided him like the bloody plague after that. Ironically, he still lives local, and I see him on occasion. Thank goodness, it isn't often! 

Now that you know one of my many, many, many embarrassing stories, how about you share one of yours? Leave a comment below, and you will win your choice of an e-book copy of one my Sweet Serenity books, an autographed copy of Destined to be Three in print, or one of Mia's Magical Menage Kits left over from TRC. Please make sure to leave your email address, too! Good luck to you all! XOXOXO!

Love and cherries,

P.S. For being good and reading this long blog, I have a picture for you....