Saturday, May 26, 2012

I'm Getting My Cherry Officially Popped at 69 Shades of Smut TODAY!

It is official!  My first blog at 69 Shades of Smut is up and running this morning.  I am divulging all sort of intimate details about my life and my books.  If you want to get to know some of my dirty, little secrets, check it out at  I hope you all will drop by! Have a wonderful and safe holiday weekend!  XOXOXO!

“Today you are You, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is Youer than You.”-Dr. Seuss

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Bawdy Breakfast Turned Into Body Breakfast This Morning!

Good morning!  I hope you woke up with a smile on your face...I know that I did.  But, if you did not, I am going to attempt to make you happy while you eat breakfast.  A dear friend of mine, aka The Hottie Queen, provides me with the most amazing photos of everything from couples participating in beautiful BDSM scenes to intimate glimpses of people in the midst of a sensual clench to breathtaking menages to all-out sexy-as-hell men.  I cannot tell you how grateful I am to her for these photographs because, sometimes, they inspire me more than anything else could.  So this morning, and this morning only, I will share with you a few of her photos mixed with a few of mine.  Enjoy!

If you must leave him....

 or him in your bed.

Why don't you spending the day with these drool-worthy men...

Or you could get in the middle of these men.

Either way, I hope the Body Breakfast I served you brings you a delicious day of orgasmic proportions!


I think this is the best weather for today...what about you?

Monday, May 21, 2012

Mia’s Meals…served with a side of naughty and three, juicy cherries on top!

Happy Monday Morning!  I have made an executive decision (my husband’s favorite kind), and I want to share it with you…No, it isn’t anything scary.  I promise that there is no need to duck and cover, and you will not need to stop, drop, and roll afterward.

(Unfortunately, we won't need these men...for my announcement.)

It all began when a thought struck me…Wait!  That is kind of scary, huh?  Oh well, I have faith that you can survive it.  So here is the thought that hit me over the head (man, did it hurt, too):  I, Mia Ashlinn, am a naughty blogger.  Yes, I admit it.  Yes, I will sign it in blood.  I am a naughty, naughty blogger.  

(Talk about stating the obvious...)

Since I started I’ve Got 69 Problems, But A Kink Ain’t One last year, I have been going too long between posts.  To remedy that transgression, I have decided it is time to get anal.  No!   Not that way, you dirty thing you...Okay, my mind went there too so what does that make me…let’s not answer that question just yet.  

(That is my story...and I am sticking to it!)

Hmm…where was I?  All this talk of naughtiness distracted me.  Ah! Yes! I remember.  We were chatting about my blog and getting anal.

In order to make a change, and hopefully fix the time lapses, I’m going to start blogging, at least, once a week.  But I am putting a twist on it.  What is that you ask?  Well, patience my dears.  Patience.  I must explain my way of thinking…kinky as it may be…first.

I am a woman.  (gasps)  What a shocker!  I am wicked, naughty, and even a bit perverse.  (gasps)  Another shocker.  Therefore, I am going to combine two of my favorite things…Food and Sex.  How am I going to do that? 

Well, here it is…drumroll please…I am going to post all my blogs around food and the times they are served.  The names have been strategically picked by my dirty mind, and they are as follows:  Bawdy Breakfast, Lascivious Lunch, and Deliciously Devilish Dinner (that one is a mouthful).  

As always, I am prone to changing my mind and spicing things up.  That means to you that I will have spontaneous blogs that I name after snacks and treats.  I might even throw in a couple of my favorite foods.  I’m thinking Chocolate & Cherry Chatter....

 or Bump & Grind Coffee Hour...   

What do you think?  Leave a comment below with any thoughts and ideas for names.  We could make of a game out of it…and we all know how much I love games!  Have a good one!

Cherry kisses,

Next week...We'll get it started!


Friday, May 18, 2012

69 Shades of Smut!!!

Hi everyone! I just wanted to share with you a bit of exciting news.  In addition to I've Got 69 Problems, But A Kink Ain't One, I will be blogging alongside thirteen very naughty, very talented authors at 69 Shades of Smut!  Today is the official launch for 69 Shades so swing by and check it out at!

We will be sharing three details about ourselves, as well as, sharing details on how to win one of fourteen books being given away by the 69 Shades authors! Boy, that is a lot of sharing....good thing we are a bunch erotic romance authors.  Yes, I had to go there.

Have a sweet and sexy weekend!

p.s. You can, also, check us out at the following places: