Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Kinky Questions

Sebastian glared up at Thane, defiance written all over him. His icy black eyes burned with rebellion. Insolence carved every line on his face. Obstinance bled from his very pores. The smile he wore was cruel, contemptuous. His stance was challenging, and Thane had never wanted him more. 
“You bottom for no man,” Thane snapped.
Sebastian’s nostrils flared. His tight jaw ticked. “I bottomed for you,” he mocked.
The fire to fight rose in Thane like the sun in the East—slow, steady, impossible to stave off. The urge for battle charged through him, ripping through his veins. His blood, it boiled. His skin was ablaze. Only sheer determination and iron control kept him from taking Bast to the ground and showing him how far he was willing to go to win this war of wills.
“Yes, you did.” Thane dropped his head. He waited a heartbeat before placing his mouth at Sebastian’s ear. “But I’m no man,” he breathed.
Sebastian tensed. His chest heaved, hitting Thane’s. Breaths came to Bast hard. They came fast. The air, hot and angry, slapped Thane in the face. 
Thane relished every, single blow.
“Who are you then?”

In Love, There Was You
The Doms of Kinky, KS

Monday, November 23, 2015

Kinky Beavers, Mouthewatering Nuts, and..Fifty Inch Cocks?

“I didn’t go off and have a grand old time in Oregon.”
Oregon? What the hell was Thane doing in Oregon? Hiding in Pine trees, playing with beavers, eating motherfucking nuts?
“I was alone.”
Right. Thane was alone. In motherfucking Oregon. And Sebastian had a fifty inch cock, too.

In Love, There Was You
The Doms of Kinky, KS