Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Happy Hump Day! Today's Lines Are...

More cameras went off. Addy couldn’t help but wonder what tomorrow’s headline would be. “Humping the Help” came to mind.

-Untitled WIP (Sweet Serenity Book 6)

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Tease-Tastic Tuesday!

Whenever my husband works from home, I always feel the need to poke the very busy, highly distracted bear. Why? Because I'm sadistic like that. Well, as luck would have it, my hubby (aka The Bear) is home today. And that means I needed someone to "look over" this morning's work (yes, that's my story, and I'm sticking to it). Of course, he smiled and nodded like the nice, loving, indulgent guy he is. I returned his smile with a wicked grin and handed him this...

Trev’s dick went wild. He’d loved taking Addy—so fast, so furious, and so fucking hard—against the wall. It didn’t have to be a particular wall. It could be any wall anywhere at any given time. He’d just shoot her a look then, no warning, no words at all, he’d haul her to him. He’d clutch her close as he jerked her skirt up. She never wore underwear when she was with him, Jace, or Josh. He’d exploit that. Like he had so many times before.
Her small, lush body would conform to his, soft and sweet to solid and strong, while she encircled his neck with her arms and wrapped her legs snugly around his hips. He’d respond by sending his cock deep inside her dripping wet pussy, so damn deep he’d nearly blow with each and every desperate thrust. Her body would fight his invasions. It always did. The walls of her cunt so velvety, so perfect, and so goddamn tight would clamp down on him. The friction, holy fuck, the friction was his friend. It drove him batshit crazy. He’d sweat and grit his teeth, forcing the cum boiling in his balls to stay back.
One hand molded to the luscious curve of her ass, he’d dip his fingers between her crevice and toy with the tiny, forbidden hole hidden there. She’d mewl and cry, all the while rubbing and writhing against him like a hungry cat in heat. He’d cover her mouth to keep her quiet. She’d loved that. Whenever he took over, seized control and stole what he wanted from her, she’d go wild for him. She’d melt and moan and come and come and come…

-Adeline Raines's Untitled Story (Sweet Serenity 6)

Monday, April 14, 2014

Monday's Lines of the Day!

Addy got off on fighting them. And that was just fine because they got off on taming her, even if it was only long enough for them to get her beneath them, between them, or anywhere else they could have her sexy, little body.
Like say…up against a wall.

-Adeline Raines's Untitled Story (Sweet Serenity Book 6)

If you come back tomorrow for Tease-Tastic Tuesday...
You might just get to see where Trev's diry mind is going with these lines.
You never know. Naughtier things have been known to happen.

Love and cherries,

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Sunday's Line of the Day...

I know, I know. I've gotten behind on my LODs. I'm sorry about that. Things have just been so darn nutso at my house that I have not gotten as much writing done as I would have liked to. But today, I finally squeezed in some time to myself, which means I was productive. Woohoo! It also means that I have a one-liner for y'all directly from my current WIP. So here you go...

There was no use whining, bitching, or crying over spilled milk. It was time to get out the Bounty and wipe that shit up. 
-Adeline Raines's Untitled Story (Sweet Serenity Book 6) 

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Tease-Tastic Tuesday!

Tuesday is becoming one of my favorite days of the week. Why, you ask? Because I get to share more than one or two measly, little lines with you! So here it unedited tease from the sixth book in Sweet Serenity aka Adeline Raines's Untitled story.

* * * *

"Methinks you're a liar, Addy-Paddy-Bear."
“Methinks, my ass,” Addy retorted, meeting Ella glare for glare. “You know. You’re just too chicken to ask.”
Ella appeared to check the banner one last time before sauntering over to the loveseat and dropping down onto it. “I’m not too chicken,” she said. She didn’t look scared or even worried, for that matter, as she sank into the cushions with a sigh.
“She’s too nice,” Jaycee declared as she quit playing with the Boombox then took a seat on the couch across from Ella. “But I’m not.”
“No joke,” Shannon muttered as she too joined their mini-congregation. “J is a nosy bitch.”
Addy rolled her eyes. Like Shannon wasn’t a nosy bitch. They all were. Addy adored that about them—normally, anyway.
“So…” Jaycee didn’t beat around the bush for long before asking, “Why did that scrumptious Henry drop out of your movie?” She rubbed her palms together, a diabolical smile forming on her girl-next-door-face. The contrast between sweet Jaycee and sinister Jaycee was straight-up creepy. “Even better, are you going to ask Jayson to replace him?”
Just the mention of Jayson quickened Addy’s pulse, and her hands started sweating. God, she was pitiful. Jace was in Los Angeles—not that she’d looked at the entertainment news or anything—and she was over a thousand miles away from him in Serenity. Yet her she sat, surrounded by a group of heathen women in her very own living room, feeling like some teen girl crushing on the big, bad movie star who was way out of her league. Oh yeah, she was hopeless.
Shannon wiggled her eyebrows. “That would totally be hot.” She elbowed Addy repeatedly.
Grumbling, Addy batted Shannon’s pesky arm away.
“You and Jayson heating up the screen would make up for you and Caedon.” Shannon made a disgusted face, mixing in a little gagging for good measure. “Ménage à ick.”
“Hey!” Ella growled. “That’s my husband you’re talking about, hoebag.”
“Who just happens to be playing your friend’s lover on-screen.” Katie-Anne tossed a carrot in the air and caught it with her mouth. “Talk about fucked the hell up.”
“It was my idea.” Ella scowled. “I didn’t want him to pretend to be with some other skanky ho.”
Shannon pointed directly at Addy. “As opposed to this one?”

* * * *
I hope you enjoyed! Check back tomorrow for our regularly scheduled programming. LOL. Love and kisses to you all!

Monday, April 7, 2014

Monday's Lines of the Day...

“I don’t even want to know what you did to make that poor S.O.B. walk like he’d had a giant corncob shoved up his ass.”

Jace didn’t elaborate.

But damned if Josh didn’t want to. He knew in explicit detail what Jace had done. It involved two vicious fists and a size twelve boot with some serious upswing.

-Adeline Raines's Untitled Story (Sweet Serenity Book 6)

Sunday, April 6, 2014

"Destined to be Three" is on Sale for $0.99 at Amazon Now!

Woot! The first book in the Sweet Serenity series and my first-ever novel, Destined to Be Three, is available for $0.99 at Amazon for a limited time. So if you haven't had a chance to grab yourself a copy, now is the time. :)



Seeking change, Jaycee Dalton takes a huge gamble with a life-altering game of Truth or Dare.
Jaycee’s innocuous dare lands her on the doorstep of a mysterious fortune teller who throws her a curveball that shakes her to the core. The two loves of her life are coming for her. She wanted change, and she is about to get it.
Grayson Blakemore and Cade McCoy have a love that most people only dream of, but they are missing one pivotal piece—Jaycee. Tired of living half lives, Gray and Cade concoct a scheme with her friends to win her back.
Shamelessly exploiting the dare she is taking, Gray and Cade kidnap Jaycee and prove that love is more than just playing sexy games. When Jaycee discovers their devious plot, will she feel betrayed or will she turn the tables on them and play a game of her own?

Story Excerpt

Someone approached Jaycee from behind. Damn, she wasn’t in the mood for some cheesy pickup line in this seedy bar. She whirled around, ready to tell someone off, but stopped short. Two sinfully good-looking men with dark hair and bedroom eyes stood side by side, their arrogance rolling off them in waves.
The short, stocky man smiled at her with a smile that could melt the panties off of most grown women. He looked like a man who knew what a woman wanted and exactly how to give it to her.
Turning, Jaycee sized up the taller man. He was quieter, far more serious. His face was harsher, and his eyes were harder. Single women dreamed of taming a man like him.
It was too damn bad they left her ice-cube cold.
The cowboy with the award-winning smile leaned toward her, pressing her back against the filthy counter. She ignored the discomfort, preparing to give him the tongue-lashing he deserved, when he spoke. “My name’s Tommy. This here’s Judd. I just thought you should know our names since you’re gonna be screaming ’em later.”
Wow. Jaycee stared at him dumbfounded, unsure of what to say. It took her a moment to recover. Opening her mouth to blast them, she noticed two more men striding toward her, purpose filling their every step.
Her heart raced, the blood pounding through her veins at a pace that rivaled a horse in the Kentucky Derby.
She wasn’t sure what caused the spike in her heart rate. Was it seeing them for the first time in years? Was it that they were headed toward her? Or, was it the chill that shot down her spine, raising the hair on her arms? No way was she hanging around to find out.
Jaycee gave the egotistical cowboy a shove before scooting around him and his cohort in crime. Then she made a break for the door.
Before she took her fifth step, a large hand landed on her arm and wrenched her around, exerting enough pressure to maintain control without hurting.
Cade. There hadn’t been any doubt that he would be the one to come after her. Of the two men, Cade was more dangerous to her, and they knew it. He knew exactly how to handle her. He snuck under her radar, pushed her into a corner, and then pounced. She preferred to deal with Gray. He was good at pissing her off, and she held her own when she was pissed.
Fuck, this was really, really bad.
“Dance with me, darlin’.”
No, that couldn’t happen. Jaycee knew better than to go on that dance floor and step into his strong arms, press her body up against his, and sway to the music. Her head told her she shouldn’t let her arms snake up his chest and wind around his neck, and he mustn’t be allowed to lock his arms behind her waist so he could hold her close. But that wasn’t what her heart told her.
Cade tipped Jaycee’s head back with his index finger. She looked up—and up—until her eyes reached his face. Involuntarily, she drank in his handsome features. She started with his tousled strawberry-blond hair, lowering her gaze to his green eyes, prominent nose, and the dimples on each side of his mouth. She saved his sexy lips for last.
Oh, how she loved those lips. When they’d been younger, she’d loved to stroke his bottom lip with her fingers. He always responded with a sly smile followed by a nip or a lick that left them wanting since they never followed through with a kiss.
Without conscious thought, Jaycee brushed her index finger across his bottom lip as she’d done a million times before. When it dawned on her what she was doing, she recoiled and jerked her hand back. Cade’s face fell, but he quickly masked it with a smile.
“Darlin’, that was not a request,” he informed her with a twinkle in his green eyes. He grabbed her hand and tugged her toward the hardwood floor in the middle of the bar. She was pretty sure it wasn’t supposed to be an actual dance floor, but he obviously didn’t care.
When he reached his destination, Cade stopped, and just as she had imagined, he pulled her close and started dancing. The lack of music didn’t intimidate him in the least. He swayed back and forth, leading her around in a circular motion.
Cade didn’t speak, and neither did she.
The contented feeling she’d always experienced in his or Gray’s presence filled her senses. She closed her eyes and relished this moment, knowing that when he stopped, he would go. Cade had Gray, just as he’d wanted. There was no room for her.

Adult Excerpt

Sitting back in his chair, Gray watched Cade stand up and skirt around the kitchen table before kneeling at his feet. Cade smiled up at him naughtily and said, “Breakfast time.”
Cade unsnapped Gray’s jeans then lowered the zipper and parted the material. With a lick of his lips, Cade pulled Gray’s engorged cock out of his pants and guided it to his mouth. He sucked the head of Gray’s dick inside, twirling his tongue around it.
Gray groaned as Cade’s teeth grazed the sensitive skin. “I thought you were hungry, damn it.”
Cade smiled around Gray’s cock and nodded his head.
“Well, so am I,” Gray ground out in frustration. He pushed his painfully hard cock all the way into Cade’s sweltering mouth slowly, inch by fucking inch, until the head pressed against the soft spot at the back of his throat. Gray grabbed Cade’s head in a firm grip, denying him any movement. He pulled out of Cade’s wet mouth then slid back in.
Cade cupped Gray’s balls and rolled them in one hand while his other hand dropped between his own legs to palm his jean-covered cock. He moaned around Gray’s dick, the vibrations driving Gray closer to the edge.
Blood pounded through Gray’s veins, racing through his body and heading straight for his throbbing cock. His hips turned into pistons, allowing him to plunge faster and deeper, his thrusts becoming more forceful. He face fucked his lover ruthlessly until his dick swelled, nearly doubling in size. A tingle ran down his spine and his balls drew up, ready for an explosive release.
“Oh, hell,” Jaycee gasped from the doorway with a mischievous smile. She dropped a bag of groceries on the tile and sauntered toward them, her hips swaying seductively with each step she took.
Jaycee touched Gray’s bicep, coasting her hand up his arm to his shoulder. She moved in behind his chair and leaned down, kissing the side of his neck sweetly. She slid her hands over his shoulders and down the front of his chest, kneading his muscles as she went.
Nibbling Gray’s flesh, Jaycee made a pathway to his ear. “It’s fucking hot to watch Cade suck your cock. It makes me so damn horny,” she whispered sultrily, pausing long enough to lick the shell of his ear with her soft tongue. “If one of you touched my pussy right now, I would come fast and hard—like Cade is about to make you.”
Gray groaned and gripped Cade’s reddish-colored hair tightly in his fist, using the strands to angle his head back. His hips surged forward, burying his cock deep inside Cade’s mouth, and he came with a shout as his body jerked. His cum burst from his dick, flooding Cade’s sexy mouth.
Cade closed his forest-green eyes and licked his lips. “Mmmm.”
Blowing in Gray’s ear, Jaycee murmured, “He loves your cum, Gray. It tastes so fucking good.” She grasped the hem of his shirt and pulled it over his head. “I love the way it feels in my mouth.”
Gray turned his head and kissed Jaycee quickly but hungrily. Ripping his defiant lips from hers, he growled, “You’re so spanked.”
Jaycee grinned wickedly and said, “You’re so fucked.”
Gray shook his head in amusement, pulling his softened cock from Cade’s mouth. He bent over and kissed Cade, tasting the mixture of his cum with the natural flavor of Cade’s mouth. He covered Cade’s hand with his own, grinding the palm against the hard ridge of Cade’s cock.
“Fuck.” Cade hissed and shuddered as he orgasmed, his cum wetting the front of his jeans.
Jaycee strolled around the chair, glancing at Gray’s already-rebounding cock then the damp spot on Cade’s jeans. “My turn, boys,” she purred and stripped off her clothes.
Gray and Cade got to their feet, tearing at their clothes until they were naked and aroused.
A very nude, very sexy Jaycee swept all the cups and plates on the table onto the floor then crawled on top of it. Turning, she faced them and opened her legs.
“See how wet I am for you two?” She sighed, dipping her finger into her cunt then pulling it right back out. She held her hand up where they could see her wet finger perfectly.
“Jaycee Elizabeth,” Gray growled, advancing on her.
Cade moved around the other side and climbed onto the table behind her. He brushed her hair aside, his lips descending to the curve of her neck. Pressing small kisses to her skin, Cade’s arms snaked around her chest, and he palmed her breasts.
She arched her back with a moan. “Cade.”
Gray closed in on her, capturing her wrist and pulling it toward his awaiting mouth. Without taking his eyes off her face, he licked her juices off her finger, one swipe at a time.
She whimpered, her eyes locked to his lips. “Gray.”
“We’re hungry, sweetheart,” Gray told her, watching as her eyes widened. “Feed us.”
Instead of letting her ask, he led her hand between her gorgeous legs and placed it on her pussy. “Fuck yourself,” he ordered gruffly. “We want you for dessert.”
Cade lifted up, looking over her shoulder, without releasing her breasts from his hands. “I love dessert, darlin’.”
Jaycee leaned back into Cade with a sigh and shoved two fingers inside her saturated cunt. Thrusting her hand in and out, she finger fucked herself urgently.
Within seconds, her body tightened up and her eyes closed, concentration etched on her face.
“Stop,” Gray commanded gutturally.
Immediately, she stopped and opened her eyes slowly, revealing the lusty blue depths. “I was so fucking close, Gray.”
“Just a minute, sweetheart,” Gray whispered soothingly. “Give me your hand.”
She held her hand out to him, and he clasped it with a smile, moving it to her shoulder. He and Cade lowered their mouths, each of them sucking one finger inside. At the same time, Gray plunged three fingers inside her slick pussy.
Jaycee screamed.


Saturday, April 5, 2014

Saturday's Line of the Day...

Addy was fast and mean when she needed to be. Growing up with a couple of righteously evil stepparents and two sadistic half-sisters, all of who made Cinderella’s family look like The Brady-freaking-Bunch, had taught her a thing or two about kicking some serious girl-ass.

-Untitled (Sweet Serenity Book 6)

Friday, April 4, 2014

Friday's Line of the Day!

“Are you two trying to get yourselves castrated?” Remy stomped across the room, his heavy footsteps only marginally muted by the geometric area rug. “If so, let me do the honors. I’ll be a lot more humane than Addy.”

-Adeline Raines's Untitled Story (Sweet Serenity Book 6)

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Double the Pleasure, Double the Kinkiness...For Thursday's Lines of the Day!

To make up for missing yesterday, I'm giving you two lines of the day today! As always, these are unedited. So please be gentle with me. ;)


Lines of the Day #1

That man would cut off his own dick and use it as a gag before admitting he was wrong. And the day he admitted to changing his mind was the day Luc waxed his motherfucking balls. 

Lines of the Day #2

An image of Adam as Cupid popped into Luc’s head. Only Adam wore leathers, not a diaper, and he wielded handcuffs and a Tranq gun filled with Viagra darts rather than a passé bow and arrow.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Tuesday's Kinky Lines of the Day

“Are you trying to tell us something?”

Kylia shook her head. “No! Of course not, Alice.”

Apple green eyes raked over Kylia, stopping and staring pointedly at her stomach. “Are you sure about that?”

-Two Doms and a Baby (The  Doms of Kinky, Kansas Book 2)