Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Teasetastic Tuesday: Cavemen & Kink

“You know I don’t touch a woman with another man’s cum on her.” Or in her. “Too messy.” 

The bullshit falls from my tongue with disturbing ease. I’ve delivered it so many times I almost believe myself. But a man who gets off on dirty, filthy, nasty sex doesn’t give a shit about mixing fluids because it’s “messy.” No, it goes deeper than that. 

There’s something primal in me that balks at the thought of touching a woman who’s been marked by her lover. Yes, I say, marked. You can call it what you like. Signed, branded, stamped, whatever. Its all the same thing. It’s a sign of ownership. And I’m not a part of owning anyone. I’m the third or fourth. On occasion, I’m the fifth or even sixth. I’m the person who joins, not the person who belongs. Im me. They’re them. We’re separate entities, who happen to come together.

Don’t you dare excuse that pun. Pure. Fucking. Gold.

Now if I ever take my own woman, which is about as likely as a penis pump working without a hose, I’ll always go bare. I’ll be the one filling her. I’ll be the man marking her. It’ll be my pleasure to sign, brand, and stamp her. Our third will be suiting up. But I don’t have to worry about that. I’ll never take the lead in a relationship. That’s on Hunt. The poor fuck.

~Reyes, Untitled
The Original Brothers
(of The Billionaire Brotherhood)
by Molly Grayson

“Because you were so worried about us, Sorenson.”

Thane came off the couch and was in Sebastian’s face. Their eyes locked as Thane’s palm landed against Sebastian’s neck. He wrapped his fingers around the sides and squeezed. “Don’t think for a second I didn’t do this for you,” he breathed. His mouth hovered above Sebastian’s. “Don’t believe for a moment I didn’t walk away because I didn’t care about what happened to you.” 

Thane’s grip tightened. 

Sebastian tried to swallow but couldn’t.

“My wife and you are everything,” he spat. “Every. Fucking. Thing.”

Thane’s hold strengthened.

Breathing was a challenge.

“I didn’t give up my life to save myself,” he said.

Sebastian’s heart battered his ribcage. Breathing went from a challenge to a burden. He couldn’t remember how to draw in air, couldn’t recall a way to push it out, and he couldn’t focus long enough to care. His lungs, they burned. They were desperate for oxygen. But his brain was adrift as Thane mindfucked him, as his body controlled him, as his chartreuse eyes revealed the things his words never could.

“Bast, I get your hurt. I get your angry. I am, too.” Thane released Sebastian so fast, so furious, his head spun. His legs weakened. He would have lost his balance, if Thane hadn’t been there to catch him. “Don’t forget. I. Am. Too. Goddamn it.”

~Sebastian, In Love, There Was You
(The Doms of Kinky, Kansas Book 2)
by Mia Ashlinn

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