Sunday, January 22, 2012

Inspiration In The Fast Lane

            Hi everyone! It’s me again, Mia. I have been a very bad blogger, and I hope you will find it in your wonderful hearts to forgive me. If not, I am sure someone can find a whip to punish me. Naughty, naughty Mia!
Onto today’s actual blog…
            A couple of days ago, I realized that I hadn’t had a “me” day in awhile. With the holiday and edits, I just hadn’t found the time. So, I jump in my car and took off for the mountains. I hadn’t been driving for long when my brain started racing with the plot for a new story. (Keep in mind, this plot is not going to happen in the next book…or the next book….or even the next book. Those are already in the works in my mind.)
See, when I drive, I always have some sort of “Eureka!” moment. Always, always, always. I plot all of my stories in the car, and when I am blocked, I write the scenes in my head while I drive. I end up either yapping into the Dragon app in my iPhone or I pull over on the side of the road. The people who pass me probably think I am one strange cookie because I grab my handy-dandy notebook and write furiously for however long it takes me…yes, sometimes, it takes a while.
But, I digress…
This mini-trip raised a question in my mind that many people ask writers, “What inspires you when you write?” Well, my answer is, I have no clue!
Is it the scenery? Maybe.
Is it the music blaring out of my radio? Could be.
Is it the lull of the car? Possibly.
Is it that I am relaxed because I am behind the wheel? Perhaps.
No matter what brings on my inspirational surges, it works for me and that’s what is important. So, my question for each of you on this fine Sunday morning, “What inspires you?”

- Mia
“The best time for planning a book is while you're doing the dishes.” - Agatha Christie
A little treat for me…

This would help my inspiration process even more, baby!
A little treat for you…

He is in deep thought about what inspires him...

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  1. Oooh, that picture inspired me. Actually I am inspired by pics a lot. I saw that picture of the cowboy and it inspired me, then I told Lisa how it inspired me and then she spun it into a whole story. Also, as a waitress, interesting things happen while I am at work. I spin these little vignettes into whole stories. I like to do the: what if "this" happened next. Or the what if "this" had happened instead. I have a very fertile imagination. :)