Monday, February 13, 2012

Destined To Be Three Blurb Revealed!

      Seeking change, Jaycee Dalton takes a huge gamble with a life-altering game of “Truth or Dare.” 
     Jaycee’s innocuous dare lands her on the doorstep of a mysterious fortune teller who throws her a curveball that shakes her to the core:  The two loves of her life are coming for her.  She wanted change, and she was about to get it.

     Grayson Blakemore and Cade McCoy have a love that most people only dream of, but they are missing one pivotal piece - Jaycee.  Tired of living half lives, Gray and Cade concoct a scheme with her friends to win her back. 

     Shamelessly exploiting the dare she is taking, Gray and Cade kidnap Jaycee and prove that love is more than just playing sexy games.  When Jaycee discovers their devious plot, will she feel betrayed or will she turn the tables on them and play a game of her own?

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