Friday, June 1, 2012

Naughty, No-Men-Allowed, No-Holds-Barred Weekend with the Girls of Serenity, Kansas!

Finishing a book is always bittersweet for me.  Yes, the heroine and heroes get their happily ever after.  And, yes, all is right in the fictional world.  Please queue the beautiful (and sappy) love song…

But, me, I’m alone.  Well, that isn’t entirely true.  I’m aloneuntil the characters from the next book start talking to me and won’t be quiet until I finish their story, thus starting the cycle over again.  However, that is another story.  Please excuse my pun…or not.  It was entirely intentional.  :)

I’m straying off topic….Quick!  Someone punish me!  Whips?  Paddles?  Crops?  Does anyone have anything naughty handy?  Canes?  Clamps?  Ohhh, no.  Not that one.  Handcuffs?  Anything?  Damn it.  I was hoping for some spanking action. 

I just keep getting deeper and deeper, huh?  Wait, you don’t even need to answer that one.  We all know what it is.  Yes.

It is, probably, time to get back to the blog rather than my kinky ramblings.  So, here’s what I thought.  Wouldn’t it be nice to take a trip to Serenity, Kansas on a purely pleasure visit?  Hmm…that didn’t come out right.  I do write erotic romances, after all.  I shall call it a Naughty, No-Men-Allowed, No Holds-Barred Weekend with the Girls.  Want to join us?  


Why don’t you grab one of these…

 And we'll get the good times rolling!

(Mia knocks on Jaycee’s front door, bouncing up and down in excitement.)
Mia:  “Come on, come on, girls!  We’ve got to get this party started!”
Jaycee:  “I’m coming, I’m coming!”
(The door swings open, and Jaycee is standing there with Shannon and Katie-Anne behind her.)
Mia:  “That is not something you should be saying to me.”
Shannon:  (snorts) “We’re in for it now.  Mia is being feisty.”
Drew: (swaggers in and joins them) “Like you’re not feisty all the damn time, Shannon.”
Shannon:  (huffs)
Mia:  “Wait!  There aren’t supposed to be any men here.”
Drew:  “We know, Mia.  We’re all heading out.” 
(As soon as Drew quits speaking, Gray, Cade, Jared, Randy, Shane, and Landon appear.  With kisses to their respective women and whispered words, they leave.)
Mia:  “Can I come in now?”
Katie-Anne:  “Move aside, J, and let the woman in.”
Jaycee:  (growls at Katie-Anne)
Katie-Anne:  “Come on, J. She’s travelled all this way to see us.  The least you can do is be polite and let her in.”
Shannon:  (chants) “Let her in.  Let her in.  Let her in.”
Jaycee:  “I’ll let her in, if it will shut the two of you up for a minute.”
Mia: (laughs) “Good luck with that.”
Shannon:  “Ooh, Mia is a smart one.  I always knew that I liked her.”
Mia:  “Aw, you’re so sweet.”
Shannon:  “Maybe, I’m just being nice because of all the orgasms you wrote.”
Mia:  “Hey, you’re men gave them to you.”
Shannon:  “Yes, they did.”  (smiles wickedly)  “But you recorded them on your computer for me, and I can read them whenever I want.”
Katie-Anne:  “Why don’t you just go get the triplets?”
Shannon:  (snorts) “At the rate we’re going, I’ll fuck all three of them into the ground in no time.”
Jaycee:  “In your dreams.”
Shannon:  “No, in theirs.”
Mia:  “Still standing here, girls.”
Jaycee:  “Oh!” (moves aside and lets Mia in)  “Oops, sorry about that.”
Mia:  “No prob Bob.”
Jaycee:  “Let’s go in the kitchen.  Mia can cook, and we can all catch up.”
Mia:  “Gee thanks, Jaycee.”
Shannon:  “I’ll help you, my friend.  We all know how much I love to cook.”
Mia: (shrugs) “Works for me.”
Katie-Anne:  “Just please don’t burn anything.  If the stupid alarm goes off, those nine men will come back, and they won’t leave us again.”
Jaycee:  (nods)
Shannon: (mutters) “Damn overprotective men.”
(All three of them head down the hallway and into the kitchen)
Mia:  “I think it’s sweet the way they treat you three.”
Shannon:  “One man is sweet.  Two or more is a pain in the ass.”
Katie-Anne:  (snickers) “Yeah, there is a lot of pain in and on the ass with multiple men.”
Jaycee:  “Goooood pain.”
Shannon:  “Orgasmic pain.”
Mia:  “Oh stop!  We need to get the food going then you can let loose and be the perverts you are.”
Shannon:  “Takes one to know one, baby.”
Mia:  “Bite me.”
Shannon:  (bares her teeth)
(Katie-Anne and Jaycee stroll over to the kitchen table and have a seat.  Meanwhile, Shannon and Mia silently whip up a casserole then shove it in the oven.  After washing their hands, they join the other two women at the table.)
Mia:  “So what’s shaking?”
Shannon:  “Other than our beds?”
Katie-Anne:  “Shannon!”
Shannon: (innocent look) “What?  It’s the truth.”
Katie-Anne:  “Maybe for you…”
Shannon:  “Whatever, my friend.  I know better than that.”
Katie-Anne:  “Kiss my ass.”
Shannon:  “How many times do I have to tell you that you couldn’t handle a woman like me?”
Katie-Anne:  (sticks her tongue out at Shannon) “Bet you I could.”
Jaycee: (groans) “No betting.  You two get into way too much trouble when you make bets, and I am sure Mia doesn’t want to bail your asses out of jail.”
Mia:  “What about you?”
Jaycee:  (laughs) “Oh, honey. I’ll be watching and taking pictures for future use.”
Katie-Anne:  “Bitch.”
Jaycee:  “Whore.”
Katie-Anne:  “Love you.” (blows Jaycee a kiss)
Jaycee:  “Love you, too.” (blows Katie-Anne a kiss back)
Shannon:  “Freaks.”
Katie-Anne:  “Aww, Shannon is feeling left out.”
Shannon:  (flips Katie-Anne off)
Katie-Anne:  “I thought you said I couldn’t handle you, my dear.”
Shannon:  “I just want to see you try.”
Katie-Anne:  “Your bedroom or mine?”
Shannon:  “Bring it on.”
Jaycee:  “How long are you two going to keep this up?”
Shannon:  “Until someone wins.”
Mia:  “Ah, so we get to listen to this until the half past never?”
Shannon:  “I can kick her ass any day of the week with one hand tied behind my back.”
Katie-Anne:  “Sure you can, my dear.”
Jaycee:  “So, Mia, why don’t we ignore these two?”
Mia:  (eyes Katie-Anne then Shannon) “We can try, but I don’t think we’ll have much luck.”
Shannon:  “You’re damn skippy.  There is nothing that will shut us up.”
Mia:  “I know something that will.”
Jaycee:  (wiggles her eyebrows) “Me too.”
Katie-Anne:  “Yeah, well, they aren’t here.”
Shannon:  “Mmhmm…Besides, last time I checked, none of you had the parts that I need.  You couldn’t keep me sat-is-fied.”
Katie-Anne:  “Thank God.”
Jaycee:  “Shan, honey.  When the hell did you check what we did or didn’t have in our panties?”
Shannon:  (blushes) “I didn’t mean for it to come out that way.”
Katie-Anne:  “I’m sure you didn’t.  How often has your mouth gotten you into trouble?”
Shannon:  “How often has it gotten you in trouble?”
Jaycee: “Fuck.  Here we go again.”
Mia: “No, we are not.  These two will behave, if I have to tie them up and gag them.”
Jaycee:  “They’d like that too damn much.”
Shannon:  (nods)
Katie-Anne:  (nods) “You have no idea.”
Mia:  “Oh yes I do.  I wrote all about you and your hedonistic nature.”
Shannon:  “She has a point.”
Katie-Anne:  “True.”
Mia:  “So what will make you guys behave?”
Jaycee:  (points at the fire alarm) “That.”

Needless to say, our Naughty, No-Men-Allowed, No Holds-Barred Weekend hit a snag, but it didn’t end there.  We’re too sneaky and devious for that.  Maybe, one day soon, I’ll share the dirty details of the havoc the four of us wreaked that weekend.  Then again, maybe I won’t.  What happens in Serenity, stays in Serenity…until I sit down and start typing. 
Have a great weekend everyone! XOXOXO!

Love and cherries,

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