Friday, September 7, 2012

Here's Your Tease...

Here's everyone's unedited tease of The Sweetest Dish...Enjoy!

Relaxing on the floor in Shannon’s makeshift baby room with Madison between her legs and Mason on the play mat next to her, Jaycee made baby faces across the room at Kane. Katie-Anne’s three month-old smiled and gurgled at her silly antics, bringing a goofy grin to her face and prompting an embarrassing rush of babbling from her mouth. Jaycee’s twins didn’t seem the least bit interested in what she was doing. Madison was too busy admiring the big wooden block in her hand, and Mason seemed absorbed in his battle against the toy hanging above his head.
“Must you do that?” Katie-Anne asked in a teasing tone from where she sat holding Kane. “You’re going to scare the kids.”
Jaycee paused in the middle of her jibber-jabbering and smarted off, “Ha, you’re so full of shit, Katie-Anne. I’ve heard your babbling. It’s far worse than mine.”
Katie-Anne rolled her pretty turquoise eyes. “Well, sorry,” she drawled as she lifted Kane up and gently turned him toward her. Before speaking again, she planted a handful of baby kisses all over his adorable face. “You don’t mind, do you, little man?”
Predictably, the mama’s boy responded enthusiastically to Katie-Anne, pumping his legs and waving his arms as he laughed. Watching her best friend, Jaycee’s smile grew. Despite the shitty morning she’d suffered through, Kane and her own precious babies were perking her up. Of course, that didn’t come as a shock. They always did. That’s one of the reasons she and Katie-Anne had decided to stay at Shannon’s after Sarah, Ella, and Brooklyn had departed. They’d both needed baby-time with all three kids—desperately.
Sighing happily, Jaycee patted Mason’s cute, round baby belly. “Do you think we’ll ever see Aunt Shannon again?” she asked him.
Katie-Anne snorted. “Not hardly,” she answered as she returned Kane to her lap. “That girl is in for one hell of a ride. Did you see your brother’s? Shit, I was scared for her.”
Without glancing away from the face that never failed to remind her of Gray, Jaycee blew Mason a kiss. She smiled down at her oldest child, reveling in the knowledge that this little miracle was created with one of her soul mates. The twins had to be Gray’s biological children. Not that any of them gave a crap whose sperm cells mingled with her eggs. Cade would have plenty of chances. And if he didn’t, the three of them didn’t care. They were all parents to the twins and, hopefully in the future, they would be parents to several more. If she had it her way, they’d have a whole houseful of little Gray’s and Cade’s. She’d gotten her mini-me. That was enough. Just ask my husbands.
Biting back a horse laugh at her thoughts, Jaycee redirected her attention to her daughter. She smoothed her hand over Madison’s whisper-soft, blonde hair and said, “I wasn’t scared for her. My brothers are pussy whipped. They just don’t know it yet.”
“Oh yeah, that’s what it is,” Katie-Anne replied sarcastically, flinging a small stuffed animal at Jaycee’s head. By some miracle, the monkey zoomed past her, just as she looked up and leaned to the side. “Why don’t you enlighten them of their pussy-whipped ways? While you’re at it, why don’t you tell my brother and Cade the same thing? Fuck that, get all the married men in town and have an ‘Our Wives Whipped Our Asses Into Shape Before She Castrated Us For A Life-like Dildo Then Murdered Us’ convention. Then we’ll see who gets whipped.”
“You’re the only one who would see the end of a whip,” a sultry voice said from the doorway. “My husbands know better.”

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