Monday, December 31, 2012

Breaking and Entering


Queue the Mission Impossible music...That’s right I am breaking into Mia’s office. I know she is on vacation at Disney so I am safe as long as I can get past her menagerie of animals. I guess it is a good thing I brought doggy treats. I also have a can of tuna for Mittens. 

My camera is at the ready because Luna said if I don’t have pictures I can’t prove I did it. She is very bossy like that. The question is will I share details of what I find with you?????

Found the house. Thank you GPS gods. Look there are the dogs. They don’t look vicious but better safe than sorry. (Tosses out the treats) Okay now, it is safe for me to get out of the car. 

“No, get down mutts I am here to break in not be licked to death.” (Looks around) Nice place. Can barely see the neighbors. So I guess she doesn’t wake them up when she is squealing like a banshee. 

Damn it, I need to focus on my mission.

Front door breached. Nice foyer. Left or right? Right first. 

Hey look its Jack and Sam! Sorry, I mean the really nice washer and dryer. Okay, yes, Mia named her washer and dryer Jack and Sam. No, I am not going to go there. I have a mission to complete. 

Wooohooo! Jackpot baby. I see a cookie jar. Oh these suckers are fresh baked and not from a package. I guess I am going to have to take some with me because who knows how long it will take to find the office. 

Wow a closed door. Now that is an invitation to just walk on in and see what I can find. Booyahhh!!! Found the Den of Decedence on my first try. 

Damn, I guess she does work in here. Check out all the papers spread out on the desk.


I wonder if she has enough monitors. Not to mention, look how big those suckers are.

I think I need some tunes. What the hell she has no radio in here?? I guess it is a good thing I keep lots of music on my phone. I wonder what the appropriate music is for a little breaking and entering? Lets just put it on shuffle and see what comes up. 

Nice. A little Hunt for Red October music. That fits. They are searching for a submarine and I am hunting for some dirt on Mia. 

Damn, I need to focus. Nice chair (spinning around). Oh I am starting to feel nauseous I guess I should stop doing that because they always catch people when they toss their cookies at the scene of the crime. 

“Hey there Mittens. You want to give me the password to the files? I have some nice tuna for you.”  

 I bet that is the password “Mittens” Mia is so sentimental like that. Bingo Baby !! I am in now let’s see what I can find. Jaycee, Shannon, Katie Anne, Ella.

Damn it, I have already read those. Hey look there is my favorite The Sweetest Dish.

No, I want something I haven’t read and since she hasn’t written my Sam yet, I guess I will see what I can find on Sarah. Finally, damn I thought I was going to be here all night looking. I had no idea she had stolen all my hotties!!! Wench!!! Just for that I am going to copy and send that document to my email!!!

Now should I share that with the rest of the people reading this blog??? Since Mia didn’t take me with her, I am going to share with you all. What is the worst she can do?? 

~The Disgruntled Assistant aka Tina


Unedited excerpt from Bound by Love's Gravity, The Doms of Kinky, Kansas Book 1

Snatching up the first box, Deke started to unpack. Silence fell over him and Sarah in the kitchen, but it was companionable so he didn’t interrupt. Thankfully, she didn’t either. He wanted to get the job done then get out, preferably with as little talking as possible. 

Much to his dismay, Sarah cut through the silence. "So," she started. "That Ansley is a nut. Isn't she?"

He grunted his affirmative.
"I can't believe she gave Wyatt a prostate exam."

Deke could believe it. Ansley was Ansley, and she did whatever crazy thing popped into her mind. "Mmhmm," he said noncommittally then opened the flaps to yet another box of appliances. Seeing the toaster he’d joked about earlier, he lifted the cool stainless still appliance from the box then put it on the counter with all the other stuff he’d already unpacked.

"I bet he”—she came to a halt, and he heard her gulp before she went on—"spanked her for that."

Deke knew that if he turned around, Sarah would be blushing, her cheeks rosy with evidence of her embarrassment. He also knew that he wanted to see her adorable face flushed like that, and he was unwilling to deny himself that small pleasure. So he peeked over his shoulder. When he saw her, he barked a laugh. She was red, the shade so deep it was scarlet.

Clearly surprised by his out-of-character explosion, Sarah frowned. "What?" she asked as another rush of red claimed her face.

He laughed harder. God, it felt good to laugh. He'd gotten so used to being serious all the time that he hadn't remembered how much fun laughter could be. "I've never heard you say the word spank," he replied amusedly.

Scowling, Sarah put her hands on her soft, sensual hips. "I can so say that word."

Sure, she could say it. Only she rarely did. He also noticed that she hadn't repeated herself, opting to say that word instead. He arched one eyebrow. "Say it again."

Her lips curved upward, and his heart skipped a beat. "Spank," she repeated.

Deke had to bite back a groan as blood rushed from his head straight to his cock. Just one word off her lush coral lips, and he was ready to fuck. Damn it.

Eyeballing her petite body, he thought it was rather sad that the little innocent had no clue the kind of seductive power she had over him. If she did…Well, he would be fucked in every way possible.


  1. Mmm...Good work Tina! We should encourage your bad behavior more often if it results in an excerpt! Can't wait to read this one. :)

    1. *shudders* Don't encourage her, Lori! She'll spill all my secrets if you do. :P

  2. Thanks Tina...I will take an excerpt any way I can get it...even if that means a little break and enter...can't wait for this book

  3. That was a excellent find Tina. Keep up the good work. And it really isn't breaking and entering more like an unspoken invitation from Mittens :)

    1. *snickers* My cat invited her in? It must have been the tuna bribery. ;)

  4. What is a little B&E between friends,eh? Great excerpt, maybe you can snag a few more in the future. (lol, lol, lol) Hope the dog kisses weren't too much for you.

    1. Oh I'm sure she will. I have to watch her. She is a sneaky little woman. But I wouldn't change her. Although...I might get even. Mwahaha. ;)

  5. Thanks ladies,I have been planning this B&E since Mia told me she was going to go to Disney and not taking me with her the Wench!!!

    1. wouldn't have gone, even if I asked you. So there. :P

  6. OOOOO Great work Tina!! I would have done the same thing ;) Nice excerpt you found there!
    Chris NoOne

    1. So I need to watch out for you too, Chris? :P Maybe I need to booby trap my house. LOL.