Monday, June 3, 2013

And So The Countdown Begins...

Hear ye, hear ye! Today's the first official day of Mia Ashlinn and Chloe Lang's Menage Madness contest. So if you want more details or are just in the mood to come and play with us, click the widget below:

We wish you all the best of luck!

Mia and Chloe

Coming Soon!

"Mastered by Mavericks"
Doms of Destiny, Colorado Book 3
Release Date: June 10, 2013
Pre-Order now!


Officer Nicole Flowers gets a call from a sheriff in Destiny who sends her on quest to find out the source of all her recent troubles. The truth she doesn’t know is her new struggles aren’t new but were born in her dark past.

When Nicole arrives in Destiny to do a little personal detective work, everything changes after she meets two cowboys—Sawyer and Reed Coleman. Though resistant to the sheriff’s insistence for the two to be her bodyguards, intrigued, she finally agrees.

Sawyer can see the beautiful policewoman has been carrying a heavy load of guilt, though Nicole’s unwilling to share much about it. Reed is immediately blown away by Nicole. Her presence awakens feelings inside him he’s never experienced before and isn’t sure he’s ready to face.

Unseen danger surrounds this trio. Will they be able to overcome past guilt and crushing sorrows and cling to each other in time, or will evil find them first?

Also Coming Soon!

"Luscious Beginnings"
Love in Luscious, Kansas Book 1
Release Date: June 17, 2013


 Sometimes what a person wants most has been standing in front of them all along.

Four months ago, an eye-opening discovery drove Sam Carrington away from his best friends, Brett Monroe and Ethan Bartlett. Now he’s beginning his new life in Luscious, Kansas. But still, he longs for the men he loves.

Brett and Ethan were shattered when Sam vanished. Every day since his disappearance has been devoted to finding him. However, their search is in vain because two of Sam’s powerful friends made sure he was impossible to find.

After Sam is stabbed while protecting a friend, he shuts everyone around him out. Concerned for his emotional wellbeing, one of his protectors turns to Brett and Ethan for help. Once the men know where Sam is, they’ll do whatever it takes to get him back. Only their journey won’t be easy. And the path they must take will lead them to either a luscious beginning or a heartbreaking end.


  1. The books look great! I can't wait to read them. Thanks for the great contest. :0)

  2. Both books look fantastic! I already love the Doms of Destiny, CO series! I look forward to their release dates. :0)

  3. Looking forward to this series!! Can't wait for it to be on Amazon.

  4. Love both these authors....have read everyone of their books....can't wait for both these releases

  5. These look amazing and from what I read.. there might be some tearjerker moments headed my way. :D

    Can't wait to read these and the other books in these series and other books written by these authors.. yay!

  6. The books sound great and I love the covers! Looking forward to reading both of them.

  7. I have been WAITING on the next ones!! Sheesh coming soon isnt coming now.. heehee I said coming..

  8. Great covers! :) I can't wait!