Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Tease-Tastic Tuesday!

Whenever my husband works from home, I always feel the need to poke the very busy, highly distracted bear. Why? Because I'm sadistic like that. Well, as luck would have it, my hubby (aka The Bear) is home today. And that means I needed someone to "look over" this morning's work (yes, that's my story, and I'm sticking to it). Of course, he smiled and nodded like the nice, loving, indulgent guy he is. I returned his smile with a wicked grin and handed him this...

Trev’s dick went wild. He’d loved taking Addy—so fast, so furious, and so fucking hard—against the wall. It didn’t have to be a particular wall. It could be any wall anywhere at any given time. He’d just shoot her a look then, no warning, no words at all, he’d haul her to him. He’d clutch her close as he jerked her skirt up. She never wore underwear when she was with him, Jace, or Josh. He’d exploit that. Like he had so many times before.
Her small, lush body would conform to his, soft and sweet to solid and strong, while she encircled his neck with her arms and wrapped her legs snugly around his hips. He’d respond by sending his cock deep inside her dripping wet pussy, so damn deep he’d nearly blow with each and every desperate thrust. Her body would fight his invasions. It always did. The walls of her cunt so velvety, so perfect, and so goddamn tight would clamp down on him. The friction, holy fuck, the friction was his friend. It drove him batshit crazy. He’d sweat and grit his teeth, forcing the cum boiling in his balls to stay back.
One hand molded to the luscious curve of her ass, he’d dip his fingers between her crevice and toy with the tiny, forbidden hole hidden there. She’d mewl and cry, all the while rubbing and writhing against him like a hungry cat in heat. He’d cover her mouth to keep her quiet. She’d loved that. Whenever he took over, seized control and stole what he wanted from her, she’d go wild for him. She’d melt and moan and come and come and come…

-Adeline Raines's Untitled Story (Sweet Serenity 6)

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