Sunday, July 5, 2015

Say My Name, Say My Name...

“…What was your name again?” For once, I want to know. For once, I don’t worry I’ll forget.

The girl’s good humor returns. My heart beats faster. She grins, and my heart pounds harder. “Oh but, baby, don’t you remember my name? You were screaming it a few weeks ago.”

My stomach lurches. Had I hooked up with her and forgotten? 


Fuck no.

There is no way I forgot this woman, not in this lifetime, not in past lifetimes, not ever. She’s a Helen of Troy, a Britney Spears in those dirty knee socks. Her face could launch a thousand ships, her body fuel a million schoolgirl fantasies. No, I didn’t forget her. I couldn’t have. She’s messing with me, and I respect her for it.

~Reyes, Untitled story
The Original Billionaire Brothers
(of The Billionaire Brotherhood)
by Molly Grayson

(And just because these songs are in my head, here you go...)

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