Monday, November 5, 2012

Mia's Movie Madness...

Ah, crap. The title of this blog was supposed to read Mia's Monday Madness. But oh well. I guess I'll just have to go with the flow. That means...

Or not. It's not like I'm actually camera-ready this fine Monday morning. *yawns* I look rather scary in my pajamas. And goodness, no one get me started about my hair...It's going in more directions than Dory did when she attempted to elude Marlin in Finding Nemo.

(Mmhmm, this clip is a little gratuitous. But I love Dory, and I wanted an excuse to watch this scene.)

Let me back up a minute and explain why I wanted to write about movies today. After that, we'll get to the interesting stuff—my favorite movies. Since my last Monday Madness blog, I went to one of the local movie theaters. Keep in mind, this isn't really out of the ordinary. Whenever I'm not writing, I try to escape to the movies—either in my house or at a theater, depending on my mood. So anyway, my husband and I took our daughter to see Wreck-It Ralph this past Friday. 

Just for your information, Wreck-It Ralph is a terribly cute movie...and I totally cried. Although, yet again, this isn't all that uncommon. I'm a sappy movie-goer. It's not a good movie if I don't have my heart clench and tears well in my eyes at some point. Ooh, I have to laugh until my sides hurt, too. Well, that may be overstating things. I'm not that hard to please. In fact, I'm rather easy. Wink, wink.

Oops, that sounded way too wrong. I wouldn't want you to think I'm naughty or anything. Here, see. I have a halo hanging over my head. Let me show you.

Crap, crap, crap. You weren't supposed to see those pesky horns. This is more like me...

Now stop it. I can hear your laughter and sarcastic snorts all the way over here. Seriously, why don't you believe me?

Whoa, I got way off track. Didn't I? Sorry about that. Let's get back to the actual reason we're here...

Picture it, I'm sitting in a movie theater for possibly the millionth time, and I'm being all sentimental and reflective, when I start thinking (*gasps* It does happen occasionally. You don't need to run away in fear. Oh good! You didn't abandon ship). Actually, I guess I was questioning more than thinking. How many movies have I seen in the theater? Which one was my favorite? If I could go back in time, which would I see again? Which would I avoid? And so on. And so on. And so on. Trust me, you want me to stop there with the questions. Otherwise, we'll be here until the cows come home. My overly-analytical, too-curious nature gives new meaning to curiosity got the cat. 

So after the movie, I got to thinking (yes, again). And I decided to blog about my favorite movies on my Monday Madness blog. Guess what that means...You are going to find out what movies flip my switch. And I don't mean that way, you naughty person, you.

Mia's Top Twelve Favorite Movies of All Time

1. A Walk To Remember
2. Pride and Prejudice (Matthew Macfadyen's version...Oh Mr. Darcy! *swoons*)
3. The Time Traveler's Wife
4. Cruel Intentions
5. The American Pie series—1, 2, Wedding, and Reunion
6. 13 Going On 30
7. The Prince & Me
8. Father of the Bride—Parts 1 and 2
9. Clueless
10. The Breakfast Club
11. Teen Witch
12. Taken

Now that I've listed off my favorite movies. How about you show me yours? I mean tell me! Hope you are having a great start to your week. Much love and a few juicy cherries. XOXOXO!


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  1. My favorite movies that I watch over and over again are
    While you were Sleeping
    Apollo 13
    The Harry Potter series
    Tangled (disney)
    The Increadibles (disney)
    The Wizard of Oz
    The Transformers
    those are the ones my kids call them the torture shows..LOL