Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Who's In The Mood to be Teased?

Happy Tuesday all! I'm so glad you came to visit. Today, I'm feeling the need to share...the blurb for The Sweetest Dish and a snippet, too. So here they are. I hope you enjoy! XOXOXO!

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 Love, laughter, friends, family, and a Thanksgiving none of them would ever forget.

After the highs and lows of the last year, Jaycee Blakemore, Shannon Dalton, Katie-Anne Jacobs, and Ella Blaylock-Asher are ready to celebrate their blessings with the people they love. But the return of their archenemy, Leila Schilling, threatens to destroy their perfect Thanksgiving.

Having spent months plotting the sweetest revenge, Leila’s arrival in Serenity, Kansas immediately sets off a chain of events that turn Jaycee, Shannon, Katie-Anne, and Ella’s lives upside down. With an arsenal full of old hurts, veiled truths, and past scandals, Leila shamelessly exploits whatever she must to come out on top. 
However, she goes too far when she hurts the girls’ friend, Sarah Matthews.

Determined to rid themselves of Leila once and for all, the women unite to take her down.  Only they discover on their path to vengeance that love is the sweetest dishes in life—on Thanksgiving and all year around.

A Snippet from The Sweetest Dish

*Since I'm now working on Sarah Matthew's book, I chose to tease you with a little something-something from one of her two scenes in this book. In this particular scene, she is in the bathroom at Shannon Dalton's house with the delicious Adam Stanton...

“Sarah,” Adam whispered, and she snapped her eyes open. Thankfully. Otherwise, she might recall what had been in the pictures. And that would be bad. Very, very bad.
Adam dropped down beside her with a grunt, but he didn’t touch her. He merely joined her on the cold, hard tiles. “I know something happened. You have to tell me about it.”
“No,” she replied. “I don’t.”
In all the time she’d known Deke and Adam, she’d never once heard either of them say please. She’d figured that particular word wasn’t in their vocabulary. Obviously she’d been wrong. And with that, she broke. She had to tell him. Maybe she didn’t have to share every detail, but she had to share something.
When she raised her gaze to his, her breath stalled in her chest. He was so darn gorgeous. His thick chestnut hair had been obviously mussed by a hand delving through the strands. His luminous blue eyes held a tightness she’d never seen before from the charismatic man. Mr. Suave wasn’t present in this form of Adam—not at all.
Staring deeply into his eyes, she nibbled on her bottom lip. His intense gaze held her captive, transfixing her. And she felt her body being drawn to his for comfort. She needed him. She needed his touch. From the tension emanating off his rock-hard body, he needed her as well.
Leaning forward, Sarah lifted her head as she hoped for a kiss from Adam, a kiss that never came. He brushed the side of her face with the back of his hand, the caress soft and fleeting but exquisitely tender. “Not like this, sweet pea,” he whispered. “I want our first kiss to be special. You deserve that.”
She flushed in embarrassment, pulling away from him quickly. Only she retreated in every way—her emotions as well as her body. “O–o–oh,” she stuttered. “I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have done that. It wasn’t right.”
He smiled. “No, I’m glad you wanted my comfort. It’s just not the right time for a kiss. But I can hold you.”
“O–o–oh.” She stuttered again then said, “O–okay.”
Reaching around her shoulders, he tucked her closely into his side. “Sweet pea, please tell me what happened.”
And again, she felt compelled to share everything with him. So she told him what she could—the bare basics.


  1. Oh oh oh I love it....can't wait to read the Sweetest Dish ... It sounds amazing...and OMG I can't wait for Sarah,Adam and Deke story I have been waiting for this ménage since they were introduced....Thank you Mia for the tease ...it brightened up my day

  2. Thank you Lisa. I'm so happy that I brightened up your day! :)