Monday, May 27, 2013

I Will Think About It Tomorrow...

Hey all, this is Mia’s PIA, Tina. I have once again taken over Mia’s Monday Madness. Why do you ask? Well, my lord and master has decided she deserves to go on a ten year anniversary trip. I ask you, why should she get to go on a trip? It’s not like she isn’t married to a Saint.
I have known Mia for two years or so and believe me there are days that I want to drive to her house and smack her around. So I know that the hubby must either have the patience of Job or be a Saint. I am just going to go with the Saint theory.

Want to know what drives me crazy about Mia? My biggest pet peeve that she possesses is her love of procrastination.  The woman makes me crazy with it. She is one of those people that you have to give her firm dates and times to get her to do things. Even then, she waits till the last minute and then she makes herself crazy trying to finish whatever project she is supposed to be working on. There are times that I think a deadline for her is just a suggestion.

For example, I just got off the phone with her. She is supposed to have packed and gotten everything ready for her trip to NYC in the morning. Guess what. She called me to tell me something, and she still hadn’t packed, and it is now 3pm. She spent the day doing who knows what. But packing for her, the hubby, and the munchkin is still not done. She has had all day to do it and really it is just for three days so how much could she possibly have to pack. Instead, she has done laundry and wrote a bit and talked to me on the phone three times.

I can tell you right now she is running around like a chicken with her head cut off because she has to hurry and pack. She hasn’t even taken her shower and she has dinner reservations in just a couple of hours, and they have a bit of a drive to get to the restaurant. Yep, she still has no idea what she is wearing and has no makeup on and her hair is a mess. The hubby will be home in about an hour, and she will still be in the bathroom trying to get ready.  He will be ready and probably watching tv while she finishes. If he was smart, he probably told her that the reservation was for one time so that he could give them a cushion so they would not be late.  

Lord love her. Mia is the poster child for procrastination. This was just one example of her ability to find a million things to do so that she doesn’t have to finish up what she is supposed to be working on.  You now know why have banned her from Facebook and Twitter when she is under a deadline? If I let her, she will be on there for hours on end and still have done nothing on her writing, blogs, or whatever.  I love her to death, but it makes me crazy. Do you feel my pain? Do you know a member of procrastinator’s anonymous?

Till I take over again,
Tina aka Mia’s PIA




  1. I confess I am not so anonymous at being a procrastinator, there are so many others things that just need to be done. Mia we will have to do a meeting you know whenever. lol

  2. Cherie do not encourage her or you will never get another book !!

  3. Oh ok stern face time when she gets Home from NYC and when you tell me she will once again She who must not be named on my Fun Box. Luff ya Tina. I want some S.E.B action I promise.