Thursday, March 27, 2014

Tease-tastic Thursday!

I woke up in the mood to share. So I thought I would post a little tease of one of my WIP's on here. This is a little something, something from Two Doms and a Baby, the second book in The Doms of Kinky, Kansas series.

I hope you enjoy. And please keep in mind, this is unedited so go easy on me.

Have a great Thursday, y'all! XOXOXO!

Love and cherries,

           “Did you hear me?” Kylia asked.
           Lucian frowned. Of course he’d heard her. She was getting married. The woman he’d loved for the majority of his life was engaged—to someone else. Even worse, that someone else just happened to be his best friend, the only other person he’d ever loved. “I did, KK,” he finally made himself utter. “You and Declan are getting married.” He didn’t add, “And you’re going to have kids and be a family while I sit at home alone with blue balls and a bad attitude.” Though, he desperately wanted to say it.
            “Don’t sound so excited, Luc.”
            Excited? Had she lost her goddamn mind? He’d waited twenty-one years to get into Declan’s bed. He’d waited even longer to get into hers. Now that he had, he’d been thrown out, and Declan was making sure he stayed out. The dirty, rotten, underhanded asswipe.  “I’m just…surprised. That’s all.”
            “Surprised?” Kylia echoed, her sultry voice rife with confusion. “I thought Declan would have told you before he proposed.”
            Yeah, right. Declan didn’t tell Lucian anything these days. After their hardcore, heart-stopping, mind-blowing session with Kylia in one of the exhibition rooms at The Edge, Declan had pretty much cut Lucian out of his life completely.
Frustration, betrayal, and fury congealed inside Luc, the emotions coursing through his veins, thick, hot, and heavy. He blew out a long, excruciating breath then sank down onto the leather bench at the foot of his bed. Scrubbing his hand across his face, he muttered, “He must have forgotten.”
What a lie. Declan hadn’t forgotten a damned thing. He never forgot, not anything, not ever. The infuriating man made elephants look like amnesiacs, which only proved that he’d set out to go behind Lucian’s back. The ungrateful, gutless rat-bastard.
Kylia gave an atypical, indelicate snort. “Right. And I don’t like getting spanked.”
Lucian nearly groaned as memories of that night came rushing back, bombarding his brain and flooding his mind. The way her warm, buttery blonde hair had felt as he'd fisted it, so soft and satiny, the sweet scent of lavender on her silky, creamy skin, it was all there, taunting him, reminding him of what he couldn’t have—her. How she’d felt on top of him and beneath him, her stunning body conforming to his, her hot, little cunt accepting him, taking all of him and milking his dick dry. It was so vivid, so real. It was like reliving it all again.
Pure, undiluted lust swept through Lucian. The pain that had been ravaging his chest was quickly overshadowed by the desperate throb of his cock. He needed her. God, he needed her in ways he’d never needed another soul. Except Declan. And that pissed him the hell off.
Anger sent Lucian surging to his feet and storming across the room. Livid with himself, with Declan, and the damned situation in general, he glared out the picture window. How could Declan do this to him? How could he give Lucian a taste of Heaven then doom him straight to Hell? And what was Lucian going to do about it? 

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