Friday, February 21, 2014

A Special Tease Just For You...

At the request of a very lovely reader, I am posting a tease from my work-in-progress, His Haven (Love in Luscious, Kansas 3). I hope you enjoy this glimpse into Tate Dawson and Haven Kelley's story. 


                “No more dirty Seuss for you, Samuel!” Those were the only words Tate managed to get out before Evan Chambers shoved him into the back of his police cruiser and slammed the door shut—in his damned face.

                “Cockmonkey,” Tate growled through the window, not backing down. He was furious. No, he was outraged and furious. What was wrong with people? First, Sam was setting him up to take the fall for something he didn’t do. Then there was Evan, who was being a hard ass and arresting him on a trumped up charge without listening to his side of the story. How was Tate supposed to get Evan to understand that he hadn’t stolen a fucking thing?

                Outside, Sam exchanged words with Evan, who nodded and waved his hand toward the car. Sam grinned and grabbed the handle before opening the door. “Tate, Tate, Tate.” He clucked. “You shouldn’t have stolen Lolita from Second Chance Love. You know Winnie would have given you a good deal.” His face turned pitying. “Are you low on the dough? I can loan you some money.”

                Tate lunged at Sam, his handcuffs keeping him at a distinct disadvantage. “I’m going to kill you,” he snarled.

Sam chuckled as he jumped back a step. “You’ll have to get out of jail first, my friend.”

Tate closed his eyes. He sucked in several sustaining breaths before lifting his eyelids again. “Once I explain everything to Evan, you’ll be lucky if he doesn’t arrest you.”

Sam leaned in, moving real close to Tate, and then murmured, “I doubt it, Tate. He’s arresting you for stealing a latex blow up doll from a midwife at a consignment shop. Do you think he’s that stupid?”

Apparently overhearing, Evan popped up over Sam’s shoulder. “Don’t answer that.”

Tate didn’t need to answer because this was all bullshit. He wasn’t being arrested. He was being kidnapped. He didn’t know why they were doing it. All he knew was that they were.

Stubbornly, Tate set his jaw. He sat back, refusing to respond, which made Sam cackle. “I know you don’t see it, man. But I’m helping you.” His expression sobered slightly. “Like you did with me.”

Tate immediately knew what Sam was referring to. Back when Sam was conflicted about his love for Brett and Ethan, Tate had stepped in. He’d opened up and shared his and Will’s story with Sam. In the end, their talk nudged Sam in the right direction. Now, Sam was married to both Brett and Ethan, and the three of them were heavily involved with Athena Xanthopoulos. Sam constantly told Tate that he ‘blamed’ him for everything. Of course, Sam said it with a wink, nudge, and a crooked smile.

“Fuck.” It all clicked into place. This wasn’t about him. It was about him and Haven, which meant… “Oh God,” Tate groaned. “You’re going to arrest Haven, too.” That got Tate moving. He squirmed and jerked. He even bucked a little. But it was to no avail. He was royally stuck. “You can’t, Evan.”

Evan, the smart ass, winked. “I’m not.”

“Cooper is,” Tate finished.


Have a wonderful weekend, y'all. XOXOXO!

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