Wednesday, July 25, 2012

"It Takes Three to Fly" is Now Available for Pre-order!!!

Happy Hump Day! I just found out that my next Sweet Serenity book, It Takes Three to Fly, is now available for pre-order at Bookstrand! Woohoo!

“Love doesn’t run. It flies.”
After learning at a young age how much loving someone can hurt, Katie-Anne Blakemore shut herself off emotionally from everyone around her. She has spent years cloaking herself in a tough-as-nails exterior, keeping everyone at a distance. But, with hiding come secrets.
Shane Jacobs has secrets of his own, only his stem from a past he wants to forget. Jaded by his childhood, Shane allows himself to be blinded to the real woman in Katie-Anne—until one night changes everything.
Trapped in the web of hidden truths by both of the people he loves, Landon Tolliver only keeps one secret of his own. A truth his pride refuses to reveal.
When the three lovers unite, secrets are revealed, the past rises again, and tragedy strikes. Will their love give them the strength to fly? Or will they find themselves trapped on the ground forever?

Love and Cherries,

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