Friday, August 3, 2012

It's Release Day for "It Takes Three to Fly!"

Hi everyone! I am so excited that today is finally the release day for It Takes Three to Fly. This is the third installment of my Sweet Serenity series. Let me tell you, this book was a rough one to write. Please don't get me wrong. I loved the story, and I loved the characters. But it is always heartbreaking to witness the pain of someone you care so deeply about.

Before you ask...Yes I admit it freely. No need to torture it out of meunless you really want to. Then I guess I will take one for the team. Wow. That sounded seriously wrong. Then again, I guess it is to be expected of me to say something that could be so easily misconstrued in the dirtiest way possible. I mean, seriously. I do write those naughty books filled with rapturous romance and magical menages. Oh yeah, there might be lots of hot, sexy men that make me sweat as I type...Shew, is it getting hot in here or is it just me? Goodness, I need to strip down or turn on the air conditioner. Decisions, decisions....

The air conditioner it is! I'm not a get naked while blogging kind of girl. Although, I haven't ever tried it. Maybe I should...Hehehehe. I am just teasing you all! :)

Anyway, I need to stop these thought in their tracks. My mind is getting distracted, and this is not the time or place. Right? Right. So we shall move onto my confession. Are you ready for it? Good, because I am.

Here it is: I, Mia Ashlinn, consider the three characters in this book to be close, personal friends. (gasps) Wait, wait, wait! Who am I kidding? All of the characters I write about are my dear friends. (gasps again) If that makes me a freak, so be it. Well, if you want to get technical, that is probably not the reason I'm a freak...But, as usual, I digress.

While writing this story, I spent a lot of time in my car, soul searching and occasionally arguing with the characters in my head about this story line or that one. So predictably, I had to have music to listen to as I drove down country roads and up busy interstates. I know that is so shocking. Me? In a car? Listening to music? Never! Unless you count this morning...and last night....and the day before that...oh, and the one prior to that. Hmm...I won't get hung up on technicalities—tiny as they may be.

Okay. Fine. You caught me. I'm being a bit sarcastic. Not that I do that often. I say this with a big smile and a bawdy wink because sarcasm is freaking fun, baby! And I love to include fun in my every day life. It keeps me sane. Or as sane as I get...

Yep, I think it's time to move along. No need to discuss my sanity or lack thereof. I wouldn't want the people pointing at the crazy, freaky chick with the dirty mind. I get that often enough. (wink wink)

So, let's get down to business. My long-winded blog has led me to one thing and one thing aloneKatie-Anne's playlist. The music that I played incessantly while writing It Takes Three to Fly was...interesting.  I guess that is the best word to describe my music choices.

Several of the songs were unexpected ones. Actually, one or two of them were by musicians that I had never even heard of. Thanks to my musical muse and a little searching, I found my way to the songs that made this list:

Well, I guess it is time to wrap this release day blog up. I know you have lots to is the start of what is promising to be a great weekend after all. And I have to get back to writing my next book! Yay!

Since I'm on a music kick, and I am working on a new book, I thought I would tease you with one of the songs for my favorite scene from my WIP's Playlist:

I hope you enjoyed this song as well as all the others. Have a lovely weekend! XOXOXO!

Love and cherries,

p.s. I have a huge announcement next week...I will post it here so keep your eyes peeled. :)

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