Monday, October 29, 2012

Mia's Monday Madness...My Costumes of Yesteryear

Happy Monday Morning! It's almost here—Halloween, I mean. So I thought that it would be fun to talk about my costumes of yesteryear on Mia's Monday Madness. Yes, I know that I discussed costumes on my last blog. My memory is still intact, despite my advancing age. Oh the horror!

Now it would be dreadfully dull for me to repeat the last blog. After all, I try to avoid rinsing and repeating, contrary to the bottle of shampoo's instructions. However, this case is slightly different because my last blog was not about my personal Halloween experiences or costumes. It didn't reflect me as a Halloween nightmare. Cue evil laughter. Okay, that is total bull-hockey. I don't have a scary bone in my body. Funny bone, yes. Scary bone, no.

What it boils down to is I didn't get to poke fun at my insanely horrible Halloween duds in the last blog. And let me tell you, that is a sad thing to miss out on. I enjoy making fun of my horrid costumes. They are bad...we're talking seriously embarrassing. But since this weekly blog is about me as a person, I guess I will suck it up and go there.

So here they are...the three costumes of my past:

Before the days of Honey Boo Boo, there was me...the beautiful beauty queen, the future Miss America. Yep, I was that girl. And boy, did I love being her. My only mistake...I forgot to notify the pageant world of my coming and eventual domination. So I had to stick to the 24-hour rein of Miss America on Halloween once a year...times three, four, or maybe five years. 

Moving on to my middle school and early high school years...

During those impressionable years, I was a majorette at Halloween. Yet again, I used and re-used this costume. Now being a majorette for Halloween doesn't sound so bad. Does it? Well, I have a secret to share. I was a majorette...all year round. From the time I hit puberty, I twirled at school, in competitions, in parades, on television, and at events. I twirled every-freaking-where. So basically, I cheated. My exciting costume was nothing more than a trip to my closet. I totally lacked imagination on this one. And for me, that is hugely embarrassing. After all, I'm a writer. One would think that I could have come up with something...anything! But nope, I didn't.

And finally, we hit my senior year costume...

What the heck?!? I know you're probably confused. So I'm going to explain this one in the least detail possible. I do want to maintain some dignity. Crap, is it getting hot in here? My face is burning. Hold on. I need to gather my wits and calm my flaming cheeks. Breathe in. Breathe out. Okay, I can do this. Here goes nothing—I was a rabid *NSYNC fan. I spent hours designing and creating the perfect, homemade costume. Although, it was probably a bit of a waste. It wasn't much different than my normal after-school job. Listen to *NSYNC music. Read news clippings about the *NSYNC hotties. Watch their concerts in slow-motion. And of course, drool over their Tiger Beat centerfold posters. All the usual obsessive stalkers work. Are you freaked out yet? Because I kind of am. 

Now I imagine that you've come to realize that I have only worn three different costumes in my life and that I have not dressed for Halloween since high school. It's sad but true. My family was never big on celebrating this particular holiday which has carried on with me. Until I had my daughter, I was truly uninterested in Halloween. But now that I go with her to various places for celebrations, I sometimes miss the fact that I didn't enjoy Halloween in my own youth. Since there is nothing I can do to change my Halloween past and the craptastic costumes I wore, every year I strive to make Halloween an exciting event for my child. As of now, it's one of her favorite holidays. She claims it is her absolute favorite...but I think she might miss those presents under the Christmas tree! But that's another blog...for a snowy day in December.

Okay, my short blog blew up. So I simply must let you go and get your Halloween week started. Hope everyone has a wicked week. XOXOXO!

Love and cherries,

I just couldn't resist...

Although, I have to ask. Is it me or does the flying purple people eater in this video remind you of something...naughty?


  1. what a cutie patootie! I love Halloween, always have. I'm now giggling like a maniac at your 'NSYNC obsession. That's cute. I was a WHAM! girl (yes, LONG before your time, I know. Rub it in. LOL) Did you automatically hate on Backstreet because you liked 'NSYNC?
    Have a great day and thanks for writing such amazing and hot books!

  2. Hey Jennifer! Long time, no talk. We should try to get together and yap! I would really make you giggle. Wow, that sounded so wrong. But you know what I mean. ;)

    I have to admit something to you...I played down my *NSYNC obsession. And I also have to confess...I totally don't know who WHAM! is. Must check them out. :)

    No, I didn't hate on BSB. I wasn't a huge fan. However, my friends were. Ironically, I won front row seats to their concert. After I went, I kind of liked them. But...shhhhh! Don't tell anyone. :)

    Have a great day! Have a Happy Halloween! XOXOXO!