Thursday, February 14, 2013

"Bound By Love's Gravity" is Available for Pre-Order Now!

Love is like gravity—inescapable, undeniable, and impossible to resist.

Sarah Matthews can’t escape her feelings for the man she’s loved her entire life any more than she can elude the emotions his partner stirs inside her.

Deke Andrews is unable to deny his craving for the woman he won’t take as his own, just as he is incapable of restraining the hunger his lover rouses within him.

Adam Stanton is the man caught between them, the man who knows resisting the passion he feels for his lover and the most enchanting woman he’s ever known is futile.

When these three succumb to the powerful pull linking them, they don’t anticipate the fire they’re igniting. As their lust burns out of control, their love binds them tightly together. The tie is stronger than the bondage rope the Doms take pleasure in wielding. But will their connection save them from a deranged man desperate to defy love’s gravity?

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