Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Wicked Wednesday's Game of Trivia...

Hi all! Today is the second day of naughty giveaways. Just leave the correct answer to my question in the comments below and you will be entered to win today's prize: an ARC of any e-book from my backlist or an ARC of my upcoming book, Bound by Love's Gravity. Good luck and may the naughtiest person win...


p.s. Again, feel free to utilize my BFF, Google, for the answers. He loves to be used. That naughty, naughty search engine! Or you can just visit my website. The answer is on the Who Am I? page.


One of my favorite authors is Sophie Oak. And her two heroes Jack Barnes and Sam Fleetwood made me fall in love with the MMF genre. What is the name of the book (or books) they are the heroes in?


An ARC of one of my books


  1. Sophie Oak's Small Town Siren and Siren In The City. I'm going to have to check these books out!

  2. (Sophie Oak's Small Town Siren and Siren In The City)
    Although they appear in other books, these are the 2 they are the main characters in. Still my 2 favorite Sophie books though. You have good taste.

    ladyroseraven @ Gmail. com

  3. Sophie Oak is one of my favorite authors...I have read all of her books....and Jack and Sam I fell in love with....the two books they most appear in and are Heroes in would be Small town Siren and Siren in the City...

  4. Small Town Siren and Siren in the city!!! LOOOOVE SOPHIE!!!! Bounces up and down in excitement
    Chris NoOne-- no1lefthere at cox dot net

  5. Ok Jack and Sam are in all the Siren Books in one way or another but the Main story is Small Town Siren and Siren in the City.

  6. no Google needed Small town Siren looks at bookshelf and its my first menage book.

  7. Small Town Siren and Siren in the City are the main ones, but they keep on popping up! I love Sophie Oak, too! ......and. Tomorrow is my birthday, so I hope I win!!

  8. OMG Jack and Sam........*shiver* Those two could steal me from my husband for sure. Small Town Siren and Siren in the City. Only two of the best books EVER.

  9. Small town Siren, Siren in the City and they popped up in Siren Enslaved. I would love to have a JAck and Sam!!!

  10. Wow. My question must have been rather easy. LOL. Everyone got it right! So here we go...the winner is - Chris NoOne! Congrats Chris. :)