Thursday, August 25, 2011

Can Someone Pass Me The How-To Guide on Choosing the Color of a Sex Toy?

When writing a scene this morning, I was attempting to describe the color of a vibrator that the heroine had been reflecting upon.  Well, it was not the color exactly.  It was the shade of the color.  You see, I had this image in my mind, and I wanted to capture it with words.  Wait!  Why am I trying to explain this concept?  You know exactly what I am talking about.  That feeling you get when you can see it, you can feel it, you can taste it, you can breathe it…but how exactly do you describe it for everyone around you? 

For a lot of people, they would not even think about such a minute detail.  However, it was me.  And I am a very detail-oriented kind of girl…sometimes to a fault.  So, picking a color for the vibrator was extremely important to me.  I wanted it to reflect her personality.  And her likes.  And her dislikes.  And her dreams.  Okay, so I am exaggerating a bit, but you get the picture. 

When I realized that I was not going to get any farther until I found the exact shade of red that I was looking for, I pulled up the one place on the internet that always knows what I want, where to find it, and how to get it…Google. So, I started my search with various adult toy store websites, but they were unhelpful because dildos and vibes (and most other sex toys) come in every color in existence. 

Well, okay.  Moving on - I pulled up Google again.  This time I searched for shades of red.  Of course, I found what I wanted this time.  However, by now, I have begun to think.  (Oh, the horror!)  How do you choose a color of a sex toy for yourself and/or for your characters?  Mood?  Personality?  Scene?  What?  I had no clue.  I figure it is different for everyone. For me, I am into the meaning of things.  Like the meaning of a person’s name.  Or the meaning of a flower.  Or, in this case, the meaning of a color.  With the assistance of Google (yet again), I found a site with all of the meanings behind the colors.  If you already know, please skip ahead.  Otherwise, here we go:

  • Red =    Action, Confidence, Courage, and Vitality
  • Pink = Love and Beauty
  • Brown = Earth, Order, and Convention
  • Orange = Vitality with Endurance
  • Gold = Wealth, Prosperity, Wisdom
  • Yellow = Wisdom, Joy, Happiness, Intellectual Energy
  • Blue  = Youth, spirituality, truth, peace
  • Green = life, nature, fertility, well being
  • Purple = royalty, magic, mystery
  • Indigo = intuition, meditation, deep contemplation
  • White = purity, cleanliness
  • Black = death, earth, stability
  • Gray = sorrow, security, maturity

Since reading these meanings, I realized that I will be avoiding any sex toys that are:  Brown, Green, White, Black, and Gray. 
  1. Brown just does nothing for me – it has nothing to do with the meaning or anything.  It’s just, no. 
  2.  Green – OMG.  I will avoid the green with ferocity in writing (and in real life).  I do not want any “fertility” object near me or any of my characters when we are NOT wanting to get pregnant.  Seriously.  It just makes me shudder at the thought – and not in a good way. 
  3. White is obvious.  I find something disturbing about finding purity in a sex toy.  When I think of toys, purity does not come to my mind.  My mind is filled with more dirty, gritty, sexy things. 
  4. Black is a common dildo and butt plug color; however, I do not want the words “death” in my vocabulary at the same time as “sex” or “toy”.  I think earthy sex is great, but yeah, the death part overrides the thought of earthy sex in this case. 
  5. I am against having a gray sex toy for two reasons.  One:  It is just unattractive.  Two:  Sex toys plus a people should NEVER equal sorrow.  That is just wrong.  Someone is doing something wrong, and they need help. ASAP!

Well, to put everyone’s fears aside:  I do know that a color is really just a color, but I am like a domino – one thought leads to another and another until the whole damn thing has fallen. 

"Blue flower, red thorns! Blue flower, red thorns! Blue flower, red thorns! Oh, this would be so much easier if I wasn't color-blind!" - Donkey (Shrek)

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