Monday, August 29, 2011

Sticks and Stones May Break My Bones, But Whips and Chains Excite Me

“I am your servant. I shall not be free. You will protect me; you will keep me safe; you will guard me. You will keep me sound; you will protect me from every demon.”   -- Ancient Egyptian woman's slave contract

For today’s blog, I think that I will be dragging out my handy-dandy soap box and climbing atop it.  I apologize in advance.

***WARNING:  I will not be held accountable for anything that I say from this point on.***

Okay, so I got that silly crap out of my system.   J

I find myself becoming increasingly disturbed by the fact that so many people judge something they know so little about.  Yes, I am aware that people are judgmental by nature; however, that does not make it any less troubling. 

BDSM (like masturbating, sex toys, porn, and menages) is considered this horrifying taboo.  Well, who gives anyone the right to say, “You are a freak” or “You are disgusting” or (my personal favorite) “You are going to hell!”  Last time I checked, my personal perversions are none of those people’s damn business.   I do not judge them, so they better not be judging me…at least where I have to hear it.  They can cuss and fuss, but do not give me some morality lecture, please.

Now, I am not a member of the BDSM community, but this is by choice.  Not because I do not like it.  Not because I think there is anything wrong with it.  Quite the opposite, I find it absolutely fascinating.  Hell, I will be the first to admit that I would be sailing on that ship if I could handle the pain element.  I am no masochist.  Sometimes, I kinda wish I were - even if only for a day.  I would have a chance to indulge in something that I find intriguing, but alas, it is not meant to be.  Please do not misunderstand me, I have no problem with a little erotic pain – spanking, biting, and the like.  Most of you know (and understand) exactly what I am talking.  It is the more hardcore things – whips, chains, St. Andrew’s cross, etc. – that I am not sure that I am capable of handling.

                Speaking of talking, it really irks me that so many people won’t talk about sex (in any form).  Do they really think that not talking about it makes it any less real?  My inner perv likes to talk about sex.  I like to have it, think about it, read about it, write about it, watch it…whatever.  I have been compared to a teenage boy so many times that it edges on ridiculous. 

What is wrong with the fact that I like sex?  Why is it horrifying that BDSM and menages excite me?  Why must I hide my goody stash from everyone like it is some dirty secret?  My e-reader and laptop get tired of being shoved into a drawer when people visit in fear that they will take a peek.  I do not hide it because I am ashamed.  No, I hide it because I get tired of the harassment that I will inevitably get.  I am tired of the looks and the “talks.”  My soul does not need saving, thank you very much!

Sex is a beautiful thing in a variety of forms.  Why people are so insistent that sex is dirty if you are not some vanilla couple who only know one position (in a bed with the lights out), I will never understand.  Seriously.  That is absurd!  If you want to be vanilla, then power to you.  If not, power to you too.  It is up to you – not me and not anybody else.  The only way you make it my business is if you record it and post it on the Internet.  Even then, it is not really my place to judge (unless it is to rate the video).  LOL.

To me, BDSM, is not tawdry, dirty, or cheap.  It is captivating. So many facets of the whole D/s world are alluring.  The commitment. The trust.  The love.  The protection.  The cherishing.  Who would not want these things?   Well, if no one wants to raise their hand, I will.  I will raise my hand, wave it around, and go, “Ooh, ooh.  Pick me.  Pick me!”

Well, as much fun as I am having, I think it is time to come down from my soap box – at least for now. :)


"Don't worry, it only seems kinky the first time."  - Author Unknown

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