Saturday, February 8, 2014

Share-Me Saturday

"Please," she whispers, her heart pounding.
Both men hesitate.
"I need you," she tries again.
Both men groan. Still, they don't move.
She's ready to give up. But before she turns away, they pounce. 
And she sighs happily.

She sits between them, her body achy and desperate, her pussy wet and ready.
The diabolical men do nothing. They simply stare at her, their eyes worshipful.
She feels beautiful and powerful and sexy as she says, "What do you want?" 
Her lips tip up into a sensual smile when they answer simultaneously, "You."

"I love your hands on me," she murmurs. "Both of yours."
In sync, they move their big, warm hands up her body. 
She shivers, wanting more. No, needing it. Craving it. Then she sighs both their names, one after another. 
The two men groan in response, and she knows without a doubt she's exactly where she belongs - between them, both of them, the two men she loves.

Just because I'm feeling sappy...


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