Saturday, February 15, 2014

Steamy Saturday

"What did I tell you, love?"

Annie's breath hitched as she fought to remember what he'd said earlier - before he'd laid his big, beautiful hands on her. She came up empty.

Shane nipped her cheek, obviously reminding her he'd asked a question.

Still, Annie didn't speak. She couldn't, not with his humid breath against her cheek.

"Annie?"  she heard him repeat.

Annie's lips parted as though ready to spill every secret she'd ever known. But a word never fell from her lips because Shane lifted his huge, hard body up and off her. In a smooth move, he flipped her over. Air whooshed from her lungs. Shane didn't stop to let her recover before covering her body once again. A second later, his mouth was on hers, his tongue thrusting between her lips and delving into her mouth. Hot and wet, his tongue was sliding along hers. Skilled and thorough, his hands were roaming her body. 

Annie moaned. She writhed. 

Shane didn't slow.

Annie arched up, her back bowing off the bed. Her nipples rasped against Shane's sweaty skin, the pain pleasure, the discomfort electric, and she gasped.

Unexpectedly, Shane pulled away from her. His green eyes were wide and wild as he said, "I told you to behave."

He had. Oops. Annie smiled. But her smile faded as Shane went for the fly of his jeans.

Brad bent Emma over the kitchen table. 

Emma shivered, hating the feel of cold, hard wood against her sensitive nipples. "What're you doing?" she asked in the primmest voice a woman in her precarious position could.

"I'm hungry."

Oh, good. That answered it. He was hungry so he was going to eat her on the kitchen table. Made perfect sense. 

"For you," he added as he leaned forward and trailed kisses down her back.

Chills erupted along Emma's skin. She couldn't stop them. She didn't want to. She sighed.

"I need to taste you," Brad said as his hands slipped beneath the waistline of her too-loose cut-offs then pushed them off her hips. "To love you and fuck you."

Emma hummed a "Yes."

A dark chuckle came from Brad a split second before he dropped to his knees behind her. "I'm beginning to think you're hungry too."

"Famished," she breathed out.

Brad guided her jean shorts to the ground. "Step out," he ordered.

She did. Happily.

Brad's hands went to her inner thighs. He exerted enough force that she had to spread her legs. "Good," he crooned, situating her the way he wanted. When he was done, he grabbed each of her ass cheeks and spread her open. She couldn't see his eyes, but she felt them on her asshole as he murmured, "So damn pretty."

Shock stilled her. Her asshole was pretty? She didn't think an ass could be pretty. But, apparently, he thought it was. And who was she to complain? She'd never had a man who wanted her, all of her, now and forever, even at the breakfast table. 

Jasmine felt Jake dig his fingers into the flesh of her ass. She heard him say, "That's a good girl." And she saw his lips making their way toward her mouth. But she wasn't a good girl and she would be damned if she'd make it easy.

Grinning, Jasmine threw her head back, showing Jake the expanse of her neck. 

Jake grumbled. Though, that didn't stop him from laying a luscious kiss at the base of her neck. "You wanna play like that, sugar?"

Yes. Yes, she did. Jasmine nodded.

Jake's hands abandoned her ass.

This time, Jasmine was the one left grumbling.

Jake smirked, and she knew she was in big trouble. "I can play, too." His surprisingly tender hand found its way to the base of her neck then glided upward and into her hair. Like a light switch, his gentle touch vanished, his caress turning into a stronghold, when he growled, "But be prepared. I always win."

Jasmine shuddered. That was exactly what she was hoping for. 

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