Saturday, September 28, 2013

Song Lyric Saturday

Today's blog is all my husband's fault. So if you feel the need to punish someone for the next few wasted minutes of your life, he's your man. See, it all started the night we got our new bed (bet you didn't see that one coming). We were crawling onto the mattress when I thought to myself, "Hmm..I'm in the mood to watch a movie." Of course, I knew that we wouldn't be able to watch all of it because it was late, but I figured we could catch a few minutes before falling into a peaceful slumber. So, me being me, I pulled up Netflix, which I happen to love, and scrolled through my instant queue. Immediately I found Clueless and 13 Going on 30. Yes, I do watch them both that often. Shameful, I know. But ah well, they're guilty pleasures. 

Predictably, I debated between the two 'oldie but goodie' movies and eventually decided on Clueless. When I started the movie, my husband looks at me and says, "That movie is horrible. I don't know why we like it so much." I am slightly offended by his statement. Though, deep down, I see what he means. Although,  I'm not going to admit that to him because I'm a stubborn gal. So instead of agreeing, I mumble under my breath and turn my attention to the movie.

Little does my husband know... 

While I'm watching, I'm working on a mental list of why I love this movie and why he does, too. Not surprisingly, my list is shorter than I like to have when I approach my engineer husband. I learned long ago that a smart man's wife should never approach him for a debate without some factual backup. That would be like a doctor going into the OR without a scalpel (or any other medical instruments, equipment, and staff)! 

Well, since I'm struggling with reasons to dole out, I realize that the best way to win him over is...drumroll please...MUSIC! Yes, my dear hubby is a music man. He's practically a connoisseur. So what  better way to win him over than to say, "The soundtrack is fucking awesome—for that time period." Keep in mind, the soundtrack's music is probably not enough of a justification for him. But it is a start. Ergo, I have pulled up the Clueless soundtrack, its cover art, music links, and song lyrics. So guess what! That means it's your lucky day. I'm going to share with you what I found and see if you're on my side. If you are, I guess I'll have a nice, long discussion with the hubby. If not, well...I'm screwed. Not in a good way, either. But then again, maybe, I'll just drop the topic entirely and leave him wondering for years to come what he sees in Clueless. :)


Clueless Song List

Kids in America by The Muffs
Shake Some Action by Cracker
The Ghost In You (Live) by The Counting Crows
Here (Squirrel Mix) by Luscious Jackson
All The Young Dudes by World Party
Change by The Lightning Seeds
Need You Around by Smoking Popes
Mullet Head by Beastie Boys
Where'd You Go? by The Mighty Mighty Bosstones
Alright by Supergrass
My Forgotten Favorite by Velocity Girl
Supermodel by Jill Sobule

Clueless Lyric List

Kids in America by The Muffs
Shake Some Action by Cracker
The Ghost In You (Live) by The Counting Crows
Here (Squirrel Mix) by Luscious Jackson
All The Young Dudes by World Party
Change by The Lightning Seeds
Need You Around by Smoking Popes
Mullet Head by Beastie Boys
Where'd You Go? by The Mighty Mighty Bosstones
Alright by Supergrass
My Forgotten Favorite by Velocity Girl
Supermodel by Jill Sobule

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  1. Sorry, I got nothing to help you out. Only seen the movie once and don't recognize the music. Could be because I was probably listening to country music during that time. :)