Sunday, September 22, 2013

Sunday's Sexy Secret and Sultry Snippet

SEX TIP: Surprise him! Be in your sexiest underwear when he comes home from work. Let him take off his coat and put his briefcase down. Then attack him.

* * * *

I hear the doorknob turn from in the kitchen. I want to run to the front door, to confront him and jump his sexy bones. But I don't. I wait, not so patiently, for him to come to me. And boy is it hard. Hopefully, it won't be the only thing hard, I think to myself. But still, nerves plague me.

My heart pounds, threatening to jump out of my chest, as his footsteps echo down the hallway. My breath hitches when I hear him murmur, "Honey, I'm home."

I turn to him, wearing my sultriest smile and not much else, and say, "Honey, I'm horny."

His eyes widen as he takes in the cherry red bra and matching  panties I'd covered my girlie bits in. His  jaw drops and he whispers, "Have mercy."

"There'll be no mercy for you tonight," I reply in my sex voice, the one that he loves so much. I don't wait, not another second. I saunter across my kitchen, swaying my hips with as much flair as my inner sex goddess can summon, then I brush up against him. He moans, his body shuddering. His response doesn't stop me. It only empowers me.

Boldly, I lift up. Pressing my body close, I take his lips. He moans again. I feel my own shudder working its way through my body as I slant my head, delving my tongue between his lips. The kiss, oh God, it's hot, fiery. Our mouths, they're rapacious and ravenous, our hands out of control. He's touching meeverywhere yet nowhere near where I want him. I writhe, groaning deep in my throat, when he cups my ass. His lips quirk against mine and mine against his. He kneads my flesh, moulding it and massaging it. Then he glides his hands upward, along my bare spine, in a torturous journey. I shiver. Though, I'm not cold. Not even in the slightest.

"Do you like that?" he murmurs when he pulls back. His blue eyes staring into mine, piercing me, he grins ."Or do you like this?" No sooner than the naughty words are out, he unclasps my bra. The feel of the soft fabric loosening sends a pang of lust to my core. My pussy clenching, I sigh. 

"Personally, I like this," he goes on, not missing a beat, before reaching down and ripping the back of my panties. Air hits my ass. Delicious goosebumps race over my flesh, starting at my bottom then spreading outward. I bite my lip to keep from crying out. But the devil isn't having that. He hauls his hand back then lets it fly. The sound of his hand cracking against my flesh is too much. I need him. I want him. So I fucking take him.

* * * *

Hmm...I guess I'll be trying this one soon. I hope you will, too! 

Love and kisses,

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  1. great since I have been to your house I just pictured all of this and I am just saying ewwwwwwww