Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Wednesday's Word of Wickedness

If you are easily offended by profanity (especially the "C" word), it is best to stop here. If not, please continue on...

Today's Word of the Day rhymes with hunt, blunt, grunt, shunt, and front. But it's hardly that mundane. And it's definitely not that clean. No. Today's Word of the Day is Cunt! 

Cunt: (usually obscene) the female genital organs.
(courtesy of Merriam Webster)

Now, because I'm twisted little me, I didn't want to stop with a boring ol' definition of cunt. I wanted to play with it. So after some searching, I found a variety of words that are special (and I use that word loosely) versions of cunt. And still, a few measly words wasn't enough. I wanted more. So I came up with the idea to use the words in sentences. And that lead to short paragraphs. But finally, I got these:

Oh my God! We have to get out of here! My cunt alarm is going off. That means Becky is coming. And when Becky comes, someone catches her cuntiness. She is just that cuntageous. Seriously, I don’t know if you’ve heard or not but being cuntaminated by her leads to cuntitis. And cuntitis is a complete cuntstrosity. Or so I’ve been told, it is.

Cuntstrosity: Something horrible, so horribly even a cunt wouldn’t approve.
Cuntageous: A cunt who is so vile she infects anyone who comes within 69 feet of her.
Cuntitis: What a person catches when they rub up on a cunt.
Cuntamination: What happens when a person gets too close to a cunt.


Hmmm... Wonder what it would be like to be cuntalicious. Would it be cuntacular or cuntrocious?  Would I rate low on the cunt-o-meter? Or would I be off the Richter Scale in my cuntage? And what about my cuntattitude? Would I be a cuntagonist or an ally to the cunts of the world? And where would I live—a hole in the wall in Cuntdom?

Cuntalicious: A cunt whose cuntiness makes her sexually attractive to others.
Cuntacular: A cunt who is filled with so much cuntiness she’s considered spectacular.
Cuntrocious: So dreadful and abominable that even an enemy wouldn’t wish it upon a cunt.
Cunt-o-meter: Another level at which cunts are measured by.
Cuntage: One level at which cunts are measured by.
Cuntattitude: The way—positive or negative—a cunt acts in public and/or behind closed doors.
Cuntagonist: A cunt who gets off on stirring up trouble and creating drama whenever and wherever she can.
Cuntdom: The Kingdom of the Cunts—where all the cunts live.

Hope you enjoyed my endeavor into the word cunt. Check back next week for another wicked word!

Love and cherries,

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