Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Tease-Tastic Tuesday

Happy Tease-tastic Tuesday! Here's a short, unedited snippet from my current work in progress, Pacts and Promises, which is the first book in my newest series, The Shifters of Trinity.

* * * *
Henry Atwater watched his mate disappear into the café without looking back. His inner wolf snarled, demanding he go after her. But Henry was strong, and he willed his wolf to calm down.
“What was that?” Kory asked, his expression puzzled and his voice confused.
Ace didn’t answer Kory. Instead, he barked a question of his own, “What’re you two doing here?”
Henry’s hackles rose. Ace might be his future alpha, but he wasn’t alpha yet. “What are you doing here?”
Ace’s dark eyebrows shot up. “I brought Kent to meet his daughter.”
“Daughter?” Kory frowned. “I thought he only had two daughters.”
“Yeah, well, he didn’t know about MacKenzie,” Ace replied. “Her mother left before he found out.”
“He should have known,” Kory snapped, his irritation evident, as he began to pace. “Everyone in Trinity has three kids. Seeing that his first wife died before having her third, he should have suspected something fishy.”
Ace’s already severe face darkened. “Kent didn’t know.” He growled defensively. “He wouldn’t have ever allowed his child to be raised away from the pack. He wouldn’t have permitted her being shielded from our world and our people. It endangers her to be clueless. And you know, he would never, ever endanger one of his own. So don’t fucking disrespect him, Korrigan.”
Kory’s face mottled. “Do you always have to be the alpha’s pet or does it just get you off?”
Ace gave a long, hard snort. “You’re just jealous, asshole. Someone likes me better than you.”
“He’s the only one,” Kory spat with venom.
“Whoa!” Henry jumped in before the two boneheads started bickering and inevitably brawling—like they always did. Imbeciles. “That’s Kent’s daughter?” His head spun with possibilities, some good and some pretty damn bad. “With his human mate?” Henry wasn’t normally one to pry. But this was his mate, and he wanted to know what the hell was going on.
Scowling, Ace nodded. “Yes. That’s his and Mirabella’s daughter, their nineteen year old daughter. Not that it pertains to you.”
Ace’s possessiveness ticked Henry off, and he snapped, “It pertains to me more than you, asshole.”
Ace’s face went ice cold. “I doubt that.”
Henry didn’t back down. He didn’t even bat an eye. “She’s my mate, Ace. Not yours.”
Kory rounded on Henry, growling. “What the ever loving fuck, Henry? She’s mine.”
Oh. Hell. No.
“No,” Ace ground out. “She’s mine.”
Fuck. Surely, the gods hadn’t given the three of them a mate to share. They didn’t get along on their best day. How could they ever share a woman? 

* * * *
I hope y'all enjoyed a sneak peek into the story of Mackenzie Blackburn, Ace Gallagher, Henry Atwater, and Kory Sherwood. Check back next week for more! XOXOXO!

Love and cherries,


  1. You are such a tease! Loved this!

  2. Totally not fair they saw the snippet before I did :(

  3. Think it is totally funny that Tina didn't know. Love the teaser. Looking forward to the book.