Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Tease-tastic Tuesday

Happy Tease-tastic Tuesday! I have several projects I'm working on at the moment, but I hope to be able to fill y'all in on all the details soon. Until then, check out a short (unedited) tease from the Untitled 6th book in the Sweet Serenity series!

* * * *

“Adeline.” Noah’s familiar voice rolled over the line, his greeting low and steady but, most of all, emotionless. Like him.
Still, Addy’s body warmed. Her heart sped, thumping madly in her chest. “Yes,” she croaked then grimaced. Only this insufferable man with his smoking hot bod and cold as ice heart could reduce her to the voice of a slimy green amphibian. God, she hated that about him. “This is Addy.”
Blunt, as always, Noah got straight to the point. “I need a favor.”
Addy frowned in frustration. He needed a favor? Seriously? Was he an arrogant donkey’s ass or just plain stupid? Not that her Noah-induced annoyance kept her from asking, “What?”
Across the room, Evie mouthed, “Hang the fuck up.”
Addy disregarded Evie. Tightening her hold on the slim, sleek iPhone in one hand, she flipped her troublemaking friend off with the other then waited for Noah to continue. Blessedly, it was Noah, and he didn’t keep her in suspense for long. “Caedon’s going to call and tell you that everything is fine. He’s lying. I—”
“Whoa there,” Addy interrupted. “What is fine? And why is Caedon lying?”
Noah growled, “Listen.”
The Ice Man’s uncharacteristic display of aggression zipped Addy’s lips. She wasn’t about to prod an angry Noah. He wasn’t a sweet and cuddly teddy bear on his best day. But, on his worst, he made a polar bear look like sugar and spice and everything nice.
“Micah is hurt.” His gulp was loud enough for her to hear. “He’s hurt bad, and Caedon needs you. That means I need you.”
* * * *

I hope you guys enjoyed the sneak peak into Adeline Raines, Noah Blaylock, and Jayson Hayworth Black's story. Have a great Tuesday!

Much love and cherries,


  1. It could have been longer. Just starts to get interesting and you leave me hanging. lol

  2. Ah that is just mean Mia that is like a tenth of a tease. Mean Mean Mean Mia

    1. LOL Cherie. Are you saying I've been naughty and need a spanking? :)